Britto luggage is one of the recommended alternatives whenever you are searching for bags, suitcases, or travel luggage that have unique and fun designs. The most noticeable feature of these bags is the bright and colorful pop and graffiti artworks printed on their surfaces. And these are no ordinary luggage bags. The main luggage bag is produced by Heys USA while the colorful prints are works of Romero Britto, a world renowned artist. Thus, you would not only enjoy the use of a high-quality bag but you also carry art in every trip or journey.

luxury polycarbonate britto luggage

Short Background On Britto Art

For those who are not familiar with the term Britto, it both refers to the artist and his form of artwork. Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist popular in the fields of painting, sculptor, serigraphy, and especially on Neo-pop art. There’s a unique pattern on most of Britto’s work, the beautiful combination of graffiti painting, pop art, and aspects of cubism or geometric shapes. His new and unique approach to visual art together with his great ability to interpret items and concepts in the artistic form made it possible to spring a new concept of art which most people refer to as Britto art.

heys landscape and flowers britto luggage

Other than paintings, Britto art has been applied to most of the common items that people regularly use. In his official website, Romero Britto offers a huge line of products from apparels or clothing items, home decors, Britto luggage, toys, dining essentials, books, stationeries, pet items, sculptures, and other custom-made or limited collections.

Types Of Britto Luggage

Heys USA produce its own line of Britto collection namely the Heys Britto Luggage Collection. They are generally comprised of the following types.

  • Britto Beauty Cases

The beauty cases are good alternatives of the usual beauty kits that most ladies use. When you’re not fond of too much make up, they can additionally serve as a hand bag. The case features easy-grip and comfortable handles, the linings has been customized, and it also has provisions for an elastic attachment strap for carrying the case upright. Designs available are the Butterfly, Landscape, Flowers, Palm, A New Day, and Spring Love.

complete vibrant britto luggage set

  • Britto Sleeve Luggage

Another type that you may find on several Britto luggage clearance sales is the sleeve. The sleeves are suitable for women who regularly carry their laptops and netbooks to work or on a trip. Alternately, they can also be used as women’s suit cases. These sleeves provide maximum protection for the laptops and any other delicate items inside through its polycarbonate exterior built. This Britto luggage is also portable and weighs extremely light. Available designs include the Butterfly, Flowers, and the Landscape.

artistically designed britto luggages

  • Britto Travelling Bags and Sets

Perhaps, what people watch out for or expects to buy in every Britto luggage sale are the popular travelling bags of different sizes and designs. Among the types of Britto luggage, the spinner cases or travelling bags have more variants and styles. There are also pieces that are sold per set comprised of four different sizes of luggage. These spinner cases are preferred by lady travelers for a unique style and for easier identification especially at the busy and confusing airports.

With these products, combining art and functionality can easily blend with style. No wonder these collection belongs to a class of its own.