Make your painting experience easier and comfortable by finding the right type of table top easel and by following these selection tips.

An easel provides an upright support for painting canvases or drawing papers. Table top easel is a type of easel that is perfect for children and for adults with limited range of motion.

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The following are the various types of table top easels.

  • Mini Display Easel – As the name suggests itself, this is the smallest easel and holds small canvases, usually measuring 25 to 27 cm in length and 18 to 20 cm in width. Aside from holding canvasses, this easel can be used to display drawings and photos.
  • Studio Table Easel – If you are looking for an easel that has a fixed angle position, this is the easel that you will need. It can hold canvases measuring 3- to 32 cm in height. This easel is great for display and table painting.
  • Folding Table Easel – This has a top clamp that is adjustable and it can hold canvases measuring up to 71 cm. This can be brought when you travel.
  • Work Table Easel – If you are a student learning to paint or just want to paint at home, you can use this easel. It can hold canvases up to 60 cm.

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  • Travel Table Easel – The distinguishing feature of this easel is the drawer lined with metal. This drawer also has adjustable dividers that can house your paint brushes and other small art supplies.
  • Table Student Easel with Adjustable Slant – With its adjustable slant, this easel is good for painting classes. You can fold it neatly, is very stable and the slant can be adjusted beyond the vertical angle.
  • Rectangular Artist Table – The support that this easel offers to canvases and boards are made possible because of the downward projection of the front legs and the presence of the slot to secure the easel on the edge of the table.
  • Wrought Metal Display Easel – This easel is a bizarre one since it is made of metal. Aside from holding canvases, it can also be used to display menus, stone pieces and ceramics.

If you want to be more innovative and creative, you can also make your own easel. There are many table top easel plans that you can use as a guide.

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Selection Tips

Selecting easels are easy but you need to find the right one in order to address your painting needs. Sometimes, the one that you buy seems to be the right one but later on, you found out that the features are not the one suited for you.

  • Easels made of wood can fold flat but aren’t that accommodating. Aluminum ones aren’t that reliable when it comes to folding.
  • When it comes to weight, the heavier it is, the more stable it becomes.
  • Those with rubber feet are better.
  • In relation to canvas and boards, the comfortable size maximum is 2.5 times the easel’s width.
  • Easels are can be both cheap and expensive. There are those that only costs $10 and below.

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If you are looking for table top easel for kids, the popular brands are Constructive Playthings and Crayola table top easels. For adults, brands such as Julian, Prima, Richeson and Napoli are among the best. Make your painting sessions more comfortable and fun with the right easel on hand.