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The Types of Bolts and Nuts and Their Uses | Content Injection

Nuts and bolts are essential in day to day life. Most machines are joined together by the use of these tools, without which machines would have various parts apart. For most machines and equipments to function, there has to be use of nuts and bolts on one or more parts.

How Different Types of Bolts and Nuts Work

The bolt is to be inserted in the hole. This is the hole that will join two parts together. The nut ensures that the bolt is tightly tied. Therefore, the bolt will not get lost when working with machine.

Top standard stainless steel types of bolts and nuts

Types of Nuts and Bolts

There are numerous types of nuts and bolts with different purposes. Below are some of them.

  • A hex bolt is a bolt that has hexagonal head. Their shafts can either be extended to the head or have partial thread.
  • Hanger bolts have single shafts that contain different threading types on all ends. They are commonly used for joining woods to any element that requires machine threading.
  • Carriage bolts are round on the head and do not have any allowance for screwdrivers. Beneath this head, there is a square element followed by threaded shaft with a flat carriage.
  • Chicago bolts, on the other hand, have hollow shafts, which are smooth on the outside part and are threaded on the inside. These types of bolts fit in well with other types of bolts, making them essential for everyday use.
  • Wing nuts are nuts that are commonly used in craft projects. Their heads are well shaped to fit wings, making it easy to tie using bare hands.
  • Hex nuts comprise of six sides and have nylon insert locks.
  • Cap and acorn nut is a nut that has been closed on one end. It comes in handy where little exposure of bolts is required. Acorn and cap nuts have the same designs except for the fact that the former is rounded and has higher crown.

muti-functional canwel nuts bolts

If your bolt and nut is to be used for outdoor operations, it is essential to get stainless steel nuts and bolts since these types are resistant to rusting, which is a result of changes in environmental conditions. On the other hand, metric nuts and bolts are fit for industrial use. There is a satisfaction felt when machines are joined with metric bolts. In addition, metric screws are also essential in places that do not require the use of these bolts and nuts. All you need to do is to analyze whether the two materials that you want to join required bolt and nut or screws before purchase. All these types of nuts and bolts can be purchased in nuts and bolts hardware stores. Secure your machines or equipment properly by tightening them with the right types of bolts and nuts.