Nowadays, going “green” is becoming more “in”; that is why most consumers opt for anything that has eco-friendly or organic label on the package. While there are products that are definitely nicer to the environment, diapers – most specifically biodegradable diapers – may not be one of them. According to studies, they show almost no difference when compared to ordinary disposable diapers.

nature- friendly disposable baby diapers


Both ordinary and biodegradable disposable diapers are created to absorb and hold up a baby’s urine and stools. Once they are fully soiled, both should be immediately disposed into the garbage bin. Most biodegradable diapers claim to be nature-friendly; however, some brands have been studied to contain AGM, an absorbent chemical that turns into gel once it is blended with urine.

When in contact with the skin, fortunately AGM is not toxic, help controls the skin pH balance, and binds moisture effectively. And because it normalizes the skin’s pH level, the chemical can also lower the risk of dermatitis.

According to biodegradable diapers brand reviews, most companies today use no fragrance, latex, chlorine, TBT (tributyltin), or any animal by-products in producing their diapers. Instead, they make use of 100% organic back sheet and distribution layer, which eliminates the use of plastic.


Despite of possessing AGM, biodegradable diapers pose benefits to the baby and the environment upon manufacturing.

  • Nowadays, biodegradable baby diapers brands like Nature BabyCare biodegradable diapers use cornstarch instead of plastic and lessen the use of bleaches which can be toxic to the surroundings.
  • Because these diapers use less petroleum-based chemicals during the production phase, they have been said to help in reducing the greenhouse effect.
  • As for the baby, manufacturers claim that biodegradable diapers allow the baby’s skin to breathe and be comfortable even if the material is created to be watertight.
  • Because no fragrance, TBT, or latex is used, the baby is less likely to develop allergies once they start using the product.
  • And just like normal disposable diapers, they make a convenient alternative to the traditional cloth diapers.

eco- friendly biodegradable baby diapers


Because not all biodegradable diapers are created equal, you want to be cautious when purchasing one for your baby. Some brands are of high quality, contain chemicals, or may not be as absorbent as you want them to be.

Nowadays, it always pays to do a little research before buying a product, even with biodegradable diapers. After all, you can opt for eco-friendly refills like those made by Diaper Dekor, which are not only affordable but are made from 20% recycled materials as well.