You are in the market for motorcycle tires. You need them but you’re uncertain which brand to go with or perhaps you’re not even sure what size. Well, take heart. You’re in good company because many people are not knowledgeable when it comes to their transportation maintenance.

Types of Motorcycle Tires

There are a very many different brands and retailers for tires. You will find that the tires you purchase depend a lot on the expected usage, weight capacity, and the terrain you’ll be biking on a regular basis.

authentic bridgestone motorcycle tires

  • Touring motorcycle tires -These are designed for the touring bikes. If you’re going cross-country on your bike making use of your large touring bike fuel tank, then touring motorcycle tires are what you seek. These will be easier on the road, handle well, and last long for the extended adventures you embark upon.
  • Sportbike tires – Looking to pull some higher speeds, high-G turns and perform? Then a sportbike tire is what you need to look for in particular. These are designed to hold up under the increased friction and heat of strenuous speeds, impacts, load bearings and whatever else you throw at your sportbike.
  • Streetbike tires – These are for the casual street rider. If you’re taking your motorcycle on leisurely road trips without much extra wear and tear then look for streetbike tires. They are affordable, widely accessible, and you can squeeze respectable product life out of them.

sportbike street bike tire combo

Popular Brands and Features

Use the list below as a guide to the most popular brand names in the motorcycle tires industry. Feel free to visit their company websites to further your research and place your orders.

  • Duro tires – Since 1945 the Duro tire company has been striving to be a quality tire retailer. They offer streetbike tires and ones for motocross and even RV’s and lawn garden tires as well.
  • Dunlop – A household brand name, these tires mean business. From the company that once held exclusive rights to Formula One racing tires, you can count on a wide selection of motorcycle tires from Dunlop. What’s more is Dunlop has a cool-running tire for motorcycles that is also quite the endurance tire as well.
  • Pirelli – Another massive tire manufacturer, Pirelli has also held the coveted number one spot with Formula One tire supply. Their radial carcass process makes use of steel for the belt layer; an evenly distributed stiffness and enhanced durability work in your favor.

Any motorcycle owner would agree that riding on a motorcycle is a completely different experience than riding on any four-wheeler. That is why the motorcycle tires are given extra attention in order for a rider to enjoy the vehicle to its full capacity.