As soon as the cold winter and rainy days are over, it is time to keep your boots and thick socks away and wear womens sandals instead. This footwear often show the most part of your foot, but keep it sweat-free and cool by letting the air circulate around it during warm seasons. Womens sandals are a fashion staple; therefore, you must know what to wear on a particular location.

Womens Gladiator Sandals

These sandals can be worn on almost any occasion, depending on the height of the heel that comes with them. Flat gladiator sandals are suitable for a day of walking at the mall or park, while high-heeled variations can be matched with denims or cocktail dresses and be worn on casual and formal parties.

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Keen Womens Sandals

If you are looking for the best brand of walking sandals, then these womens sandals are for you. Most pairs are made with washable polyester webbing and razor-sipped outside, which makes them ideal for walking on long trails or rivers. This brand also features an anti-microbe shield, which reduces the odor that your foot is most likely to develop.

Womens Sandals with Arch Support

Who knows that womens sandals can have healing powers as well? You read it right. Nowadays, there are comfortable and lightweight sandals that provide arch support and motion control to the wearer, thanks to its medium-density midsole and Orthaheel technology, which aid in relieving foot aches and pains from poor limb alignment. Additionally, it also lessens the risks of getting “flat feet” and plantar fasciitis.

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Jack Rogers Sandals

For simple and straightforward ladies out there, this sandals collection is worth a try. Showcasing a wide variety of elegant-looking footwear, these sandals fit well on a casual event or a day of walking at the beach. Jack Rogers does not only offer flats, but wedges, heels, boots, and young girls’ sandals as well.

There you have the current top picks on womens sandals. But before you buy a pair of your own, make sure that they are appropriate for the event you are attending to. As much as possible, stay away from flip-flops as sometimes, they are not allowed in certain locations like most workplaces. If you want footwear that you can wear anywhere, then opt for closed-toe and open-backs or closed-toe and closed-back sandals.