If you own a touch screen phone then you have probably tried using a stylus pen. Not all people are comfortable using their fingers to operate their touch screen gadgets and a touch screen stylus pen makes the whole thing easier.

The Beginning of Stylus Pens

  • A stylus pen actually looks like the ordinary writing pen except that they are curved more heavily to provide easy handling for the user.
  • This gadget may seem new as it only became popular along with the invention of the touch screens.
  • However, similar gadgets have been used in the past as a writing utensil used in pottery and in Braille, the writing and reading system used by blind people.

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  • Even the ancient people like the Mesopotamians used a similar gadget although not as modern
  • The art of engraving also makes use of a similar gadget to engrave designs into clay or metal.

The Use of the Capacitive Stylus Pen

The stylus pen is a very important gadget in the mobile phone industry. Most modern cell phones which touch screen features are also equipped with a stylus pen combo for easy navigation into the phone’s menu. With the stylus, users now find it a lot easier to compose their messages on the screens of their phones.

How does the Stylus Pen Work?

The stylus has a pointed end but there are different types of stylus depending on its purpose. Some users disdain the use of a stylus because they easily get lost. However, new phone models like the LC Cookie and the Nokia 5800 comes with stylus pens that are easily tucked at the back cover for ease in use and storage.

The pens almost comes as a support tool for modern gadgets like graphic tablets, PDAs and tablet computers. Most of these gadgets do not come with keyboards and in lieu of that, it comes with a touch screen. Fingers are however too sensitive and it can get your screens dirty so it is more practical to use a stylus. The use of a stylus also provides a more precise way of providing information to the gadgets. They also come in handy for design and drawing purposes.

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Uses of a Stylus Pen

  • One of the most common uses of the stylus pen which many people disregard is the use of the stylus to get the electronic signatures of people applying for credit cards, passports and other documents.
  • Even children are comfortable using this pen with their game consoles including the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo DS. Devices that are highly dependent on multi-touch inputs also make use of the capacitive stylus pen more than the ordinary pens.
  • The use of the this pen in computing became more popular. The Smart Phone era has actually made the stylus a device you can’t live without.

The stylus pen comes in all sizes and shapes so there is something for you no matter your taste and budget. What is important is that you know what type of stylus you are looking for. With the availability of capacitive stylus pens in the market, it would be easy to waste your money buying something you would not be able to duly use with your gadgets. Make sure you read up on the different stylus pen reviews to make sure you are getting the right one.