Mikimoto pearl earrings are among the best and finest jewelry items that a classy lady can have. The brand is well known for providing only top quality cultured pearls that are graded AAA. All pearl-based earrings are beautifully and uniquely designed. These jewelry pieces are carefully crafted to last a lifetime, and they can be good asset investments. When shopping for Mikimoto earrings, it can be observed that each piece features a mixture of almost all precious materials including gold, diamond and silver amongst others. Some examples like the Mikimoto pearl and diamond earrings are the most admired among its product line.

Royalty Mikimoto Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Background of Mikimoto Brand

Most individuals are familiar with the word Mikimoto but some don’t have an idea as to what it is. Here is a brief history of how the brand became famous.

  • Mikimoto is a Japanese jewelry maker and merchant specializing in the production of numerous jewelry items and charms ranging from Mikimoto pearl earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and other precious items that contain pearl or made of cultured pearls.
  • The company is founded by the same person who has successfully developed the art and science of culturing pearls, Kokichi Mikimoto. His first successfully cultured pearl was in 1893 and a few years later, he has begun selling pearl-based items in 1899 by opening his first jewelry store in Tokyo.
  • Though years of research and experience, Mikimoto has perfected the art of producing only the best cultured pearls which shall be used in crafting jewelry items. With said expertise and experience, the company consistently managed to screen and select only the most precious pearls that will proceed to item production.

Finest Mikimoto Pearl Earrings

How Mikimoto Pearl Earrings are Valued

All the best stuff or items often come with a shocking price tag. It is quite true for Mikimoto earrings since the finest, most elegant, and earrings containing pure diamond, gold, and blue diamond are tagged from $40,000 to as high as $80,000. The mid ranged gold, diamond, silver and Mikimoto black pearl earrings are priced from $2,000 to $9,000. Luckily, this brand is offering the less expensive Mikimoto pearl stud earrings that are sold below $1,000, the most affordable type that can be bought by ladies who dream of owning a Mikimoto piece. However expensive these jewelries are, be assured that you still get the best value of your money. Each piece is guaranteed to be exquisite.

Perhaps, an individual might ask why these pearl earrings are valued at a very high price when in fact, common pearls found on other jewelry shops are priced at an extremely lower price. The following points on how Mikimoto pearl earrings are valued can explain the reason why.

Majestic Mikimoto Pearl Stud Earrings

Basis for Mikimoto Prices

  • Relative to the best graded pearls are their ability to give the best shine, luster or finest finish. The pearl’s luster or shininess is further classified as dull, fine, or exceptional. All Mikimoto pearls are classified as exceptional.
  • Pearls graded with AAA are the highest quality and in case you would try to account the number of grade AAA pearls harvested, only 5% according to experts and traders fall to this category.
  • All Mikimoto earrings are combined with the most precious stones or minerals we have on earth such as pure diamond, gold, silver, opal and many more. Basically, these minerals as we all know are expensive.
  • Each piece or pair is designed uniquely and elegantly.

Refined Mikimoto Black Pearl Earrings

By delivering beauty, class, quality, and value, the brand has gained a brilliant reputation and has grown big internationally. Hence, when it comes to pearl earrings and other jewelry items, Mikimoto is now a favorite choice.