Are you looking for safer options of toxic nail polish removers? As you all know, anail polish remover is a natural or chemicalsolvent used to remove old nail polish from nails. Nowadays, there are lots of options on these products that you can choose from. Some are totally safe, while others may contain toxicnail polish remover ingredients.In most cases, however, the main ingredients used are alcohol, acetone, ethyl acetate, and butyl acetate.

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Safer Alternatives

Because some nail polish remover contains different chemical components, it can pose several adverse effects to the user. These can include brittle and dry nails, skin dehydration, and eye irritation. In addition, it has noticeable chemical smell and flammable properties. To counter these negative effects, safer versions are now available. To help you get a better understanding of each of them, this article has created a brief description stated in the list below.

  • Homemade Nail Polish Remover – Safe, healthy, and inexpensive, homemade removers offer a better alternative to chemical-based solvents. To keep your home free from dangerous chemicals, consider doing this project at home. To make one, you simply need to combine equalamounts of lemon juice and vinegarand apply the mixture on the nails using a cotton balland you are done.
  • Non acetone Nail Polish Remover – Usually, non acetone removers contain natural ingredients that are derived from fruits like ethyl acetate. These components are less likely causing dryness to the nails and have fumes that are not as bad as the chemical versions. While it may take additional time to dissolve nail polish, it still provides an effective solution in cleaning nails prior to polish application. When using, make sure that you apply the remover in a well-ventilated environment.
  • Other Handy Alternatives – In case these ingredients are not available, you can also use rubbing alcoholor certain brands of perfume and toothpaste that contain a bit of acetone to eliminate all sorts of polishes like metallic nail polish. However, if there is no other option left, you can simply apply another coat of polish on the nails to wet them once again and then wipe them off using a cotton ball.

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These alternatives have acidic ingredients, which effectively break down all types of nail polish there is. To speed up the process, soak your fingers inhot water for ten to fifteen minutes. Nail polish removal does not have to be dangerous when you can use safer nail polish remover instead.