Alarm clocks are vital tools in society. Their history is wide and interesting to say the least. These time tools are best known for their noise. They were first invented to help people wake up at a desired time. Additionally, they were used as reminders; this worked well to help manage time. Even today, they are still very relevant. The notable thing is that they have greatly evolved to incorporate cutting edge technology. However, the following is a look at the development of these clocks from conception. Today, antique mantel clocks are not just classy centerpieces, but they are still useful and functional.

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The History

The story goes of how the Greek philosopher Plato invented the first alarm clocks. He created and used a large water clock after implementing relatively impressive technology for that time. Although not very clear, this was before 300 BC. The clock was designed using wheels and pulleys. It took full advantage of water because a float would rise and fall thanks to the water. This was a gear system that sounded an alarm mainly in the waking hours of the morning. To sound the noise, bells were implemented. Pebbles were also used at some point as alarms as well. The first model was still a long way to what people know as antique mantel clocks today.

These alarm clocks made their way through Europe in the middle ages. However, the first mechanical clock was born on German soil. It was an iron wall clock that celebrated a great milestone from the very first model birthed by the Greeks earlier.

In the United States, the clocks race raged on. Different inventors continued to showcase their masterpieces from the 17th century as detailed below.

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Early United States Inventors

  • Levi Hutchins is credited to have created the first functional clock with an alarm in the United States in 1787.
  • Simon Willard showcased his lighthouse clock which utilized bronze and brass in the early 1820’s.
  • Seth Thomas in 1876 gave the United States and the world the first bedside alarm clock. It could actually be set to wake people at any time.

Above are some of the events that went into creating the alarm clocks. Today, antique mantel clocks stand as great reminders of the dramatic revolution. The antique pieces are also commonly known as shelf clocks. In the ancient times, they could fit in shelves to be displayed accordingly. They were also very affordable and stylish. These are some of the reasons why they became very popular.

Antique mantel clocks are still popular even today. The alarm clocks are made beautifully to bring in a classic yet exotic theme to any space. For this reason, they are widely available in the market. People do not have to look far because online displays will reveal exotic and attractive shelf clocks. People can buy them online at auctions or at antique shops. Additionally, they can be found offline at different shops that stock ancient clocks.

A quick search online will lead people to a wide array of collections that is bound to indulge senses. These pieces have travelled from far and they will continue to be a key feature even in the future.