The term duffel bags refer to large bags, usually cylindrical in shape, made from a piece of tough cloth that has a draw string closure for security purpose at its top. This bag is mainly used by sports enthusiasts and people who are fond of going for hikes for which a lot of luggage is required hence packed in the bags. Sport duffel bags, for example, refer to bags used in storage of sporting attire and accessories. The name of these bags originated from the word “duffel”, a town in Belgium. This town is where the first bag was made thus tracing its origin.

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Different Applications of Duffel Bags

Duffel bags today are used by different groups of people. These bags are being used for their own specific conveniences.

  • By military personnel – these are people who travel through rough terrains such as swamps, deserts and rocky mountains. They use duffel bags to carry all their necessities during their course in different rugged environments. This does not mean that these bags are the standard issues for military personnel. They only serve as a secondary means of travelling accessory.
  • By sailors or seamen – these are individuals who stay away from the mainland for long periods of time while sailing. For this reason, when leaving the main land, sailors need to carry all things they would need during their time sailing, hence the use of duffel bags. They are very ideal because most of these bags are made of materials that are water resistant and very durable.
  • Outdoor junkies – Outdoor activities demands supply that can last for weeks and even months. Hikers need supplies that ranges from medical kits to portable necessities. Spelunkers brave places that no one has set foot before. They go through narrow gaps that most often rip their clothes and gears. The last thing that they want are spilled supplies which make the duffel bags ideal because of its durable material.

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Rolling duffel bags refer to duffel bags with installed wheels for ease of movement. The wheels are usually present on bigger sizes of these bags. Since duffel bags are usually used to carry a lot of things in them, they tend to be quite heavy. Wheels come in handy in reducing the effort used in handling the luggage around places. Kids duffel bags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and prints. These duffel bags for kids are guaranteed to attract attention because of their bold colours and playful prints that kids are crazy about. Children could carry these bags to gyms or PE classes and use them in the safe keeping of their personal belongings when they change to their play clothes.

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What are the most frequent athletes where duffel bags are always used? None other than your favorite basketball icons and superstars. So these basketball bags are just one of the variants of versatile bags. Because of its versatility they are also the main choice of fitness enthusiasts. You can always see them in the locker rooms of fitness gyms and spas.

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Taking a closer look with these duffel bags, they are actually used with various daily activities. They are durable and have its own fashion effect to the wearer as they serve as an accessory.  All in all, they are a great item to have for convenient purposes.