Have you ever wondered where artificial flowers came from? How about what they were made of and what exactly the process entailed? Well there are more details than most people would believe about the artificial flowers industry.

The cheap artificial flowers are easy to spot. They are overly glossy, look stiff and unforgiving,

and they don’t feel real at all to the touch. They are still vibrant in color and appealing as interior design accents. However, they are best used in office buildings or restaurants and doctor’s offices. These are places where wooden flowers and the like are appropriate. Reason being, proper watering and care can’t always be afforded the plants in public settings depending upon their placement.

creative artificial paper flower

Types of materials used

If you’ve ever wondered about the types of materials which comprise wholesale artificial flowers then let’s take a look below:

  • Stained horn
  • Painted linen
  • Plastic
  • Rice paper
  • Tinted shells
  • Silkworm cocoons
  • Carved soap
  • Wire frames covered in nylon mesh
  • Polyester fabrics

Silk artificial flowers, arguably, look the most realistic to many people. The added benefit to using silk is their fire retardant rating.

Basic steps in making artificial flowers

So, you’re curious about how artificial flowers are made. The process is rather simple but time consuming and should be left to the artistically-inclined. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Gelatine and polyester is blended together to create a stiff fabric.
  2. Cuts are made. Using specialized stamps or scissors, leaf and petal shapes are cut from the hardened polyester.
  3. Silk screening and/or dyeing comes next. The veins of the leaves of the flowers are impressed by either silk screen printing or dyes. The leaves are shaped into a rounded form using goffering irons.
  4. Next, you’ll want to piece together the flowers from the cut-out pieces. This process is performed from the center working outwardly in direction.
  5. Lastly, the flower needs to be mounted. You will mount the flower to an iron or brass wire. The wire will be wrapped in a green material or fabric and the leaves will be attached to the stalk for realistic appeal.

impressive wooden flower

Your finishing touches will include artificial flowers wholesale and bulk purchasing to see if you can find a good bargain on material. It is also important to factor in the costs of vases, ribbons, bows or other containers and accessories used to hold the flower arrangements.