A lot of athletes make use of a calf sleeve before and during their play. And contrary to laymen’s notion that it is only used as an accessory, the sleeve has its medical and practical uses. The sleeve is a stretchable fabric that is worn on the legs or the calf area. It is also commonly referred to as leg or calf compression sleeve. The calf is simply the large leg muscle responsible for providing form and locomotive functions.

sports colored calf sleeve

The sleeve is commonly tailored with elastic fabric that endures constant wearing and washing. Its rounded or circular form also enables the sleeve to adjust the level of pressure applied to a particular leg surface. Since they are partly garments, these leg sleeves are marketed in distinct colors, sizes, and designs or accents. The sleeves are usually sized according to the length of the calf muscle or perhaps, on its girth or diameter.

high standard calf compression sleeve

The Important Functions of the Sleeve

  • The Sleeves Provide Leg or Calf Support. The calf muscles on the legs are exposed to stress and strain whenever a person walks, runs, jumps, and do other leg activities. And the intensity of these stress and strain factors is greater for runners and all other athletes, hence, the muscles need substantial amount of support or protection by keeping the muscles in its perfect shape or form.
  • Protection against Leg or Calf Injuries. Relative to the function of providing the needed muscle support, the calf sleeve also prevents infliction of injury to the legs or its muscle either from the inside or the outside. While keeping the calf muscles compressed and intact, the legs avoid chances of leg cramps, muscle shocks, misalignments, shin splints, and muscle or tissue tears or ruptures. The calf sleeve basketball is certainly required for the intensive and physically straining sport of basketball.
  • Serves as Leg Warm-up Aids. The legs where the movement thrust emanates must be kept warm and comfortable especially during the winter or colder season. As you may observe, most muscles and joints are affected by cold weather and temperature, which eventually brings a negative effect on their performance.
  • Improves Blood Circulation on the Legs. The leg sleeve has also its medically known purpose, the improvement of blood circulation on the legs or the lower parts of the body. This is made possible by the sleeve’s compression capabilities. There are several compressions sleeves, stockings or socks sold in the market, and all of these are designed primarily for improving the blood circulation on the legs or the lower parts of the body. Blood rushing to the legs usually have difficulties in climbing back into the heart, but with the help of a calf sleeve, the compression provides the necessary aid of pressure to push the used blood back into the heart.

calf sleeve model used by most athletes

  • Improves Sporting Performance. Why do athletes commonly use these types of sleeves? Because they improve performance especially if it concerns running or active movements. Runners will not only run faster and comfortable, but will also endure longer stretches or laps. On the other hand basketball players using basketball calf sleeve can ensure flexibility or dexterity for every action inside the court.
  • Buy a calf sleeve according to the length of your calf muscle or the calf or leg’s diameter needing support.
  • Choose compressions sleeves suitable or recommended for a particular sport or activity.
  • Choose sleeves that provide necessary muscle compression but don’t limit movement.
  • Consider only the popular and trusted brand.
  • Ensure that you have no allergic concerns with a particular type of fabric.

calf sleeve model ideal for basketball

Short Buying Guidelines

Now that you know a whole lot about calf sleeves, avoid doing strenuous sports activity without their support. These great garments not only prevent you from getting injury but also help your blood circulation during vigorous workouts. Hurry and check one out on your nearest store shops.