The Sharpie pens are one of the popular company brand names that produce high quality pens and markers. The company is very clever in design and due to a good marketing strategy people become interested in them. The pens are really cool to use. You can find different types of these pens such as the sharpie calligraphic pens. These pens are good for writing and designing in papers. They must not be written in just any surface.

Various Point Shapes and Colors of Sharpie pens:sharpie pens permanent fine marker

  • Pen Grip Fine Point: This kind is available in black, purple, blue, green, orange and red. It is a thicker type and has a soft grip on the body. This is among the best sharpie paint pens oil based. It is a pen that marks glossy and opaque on a dark or light surface.
  • Medium Point: The Medium point is available in blue, red, black and green. It is a thin type marker.
  • Retractable Fine Point: The Retractable fine point is available in red, blue and black. Like the Pen Grip type, it is also a thicker type of pen. This is amongst the nicest sharpie paint pens.
  • Fine Point: This is available in orange, red, black, purple and green. It has a nice thin point.

colorful sharpie paint pens

However, using Sharpie pens have also their pros and cons. It is important for you to know them to so that you will be aware of the products you are buying. So, here are the pros and cons of the product.

The Pros:

  • The pens have excellent quality. They are durable and very well made.
  • The pens are perfect for those people who like to write in calligraphy style. This is because of the fine points of the pen. Just choose the best point shape that suits best in whatever you are making.

best sharpie calligraphic pens reviews

  • These pens do not bleed on the other side of the paper while writing.
  • The pens dry quickly and with no smudges on the paper. In short, you are guaranteed to produce a clean work.
  • They come with various choices of point shapes and colors.

The Cons:

amazing sharpie paint pens oil based

  • There are sample Sharpie pens that you can check out before buying but they are so small, which is very hard to see. You need to take a closer look before you can judge the quality.
  • The thicker type, which includes the Pen grip and Retractable are too fat to be placed on your pocket.
  • The prices are quite expensive for a normal colored pen.

Now that you know the pros and cons of Sharpie pens, you will have ample ideas on what paint pen to buy. If you are an artsy type of person, these pens will be a good addition to all your art materials.