Candles are versatile lighting objects. They can be used for romantic settings, intimate dinners or even for enjoying a relaxing bubble bath. No wonder candles are becoming so popular these days and in fact this new era offers a new way to enjoy scented candles through meltless candles, which are also known as flameless candles. These candles were popularized by the movie series of Harry Potter, and come in many sizes, colors and even scents.

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These gorgeous candles provide a realistic glow that also flickers, much like regular candles. Meltless candles are not made from wax, though. It provides the facade of being waxy, however it never melts.  These kinds of candles are made from a well-crafted all-weather resin that looks like real wax but will not melt when lit. Some of these are light emitting diode (LED) pillar candles which are battery operated meltless candles.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Meltless Candles

Meltless candles, just like any candles, have benefits as well as bad effects. The advantages and disadvantages of using these candles are listed below.


  • These candles are safe to use, you can place it anywhere you want since it will not give you real flames that may cause burning of objects.
  • These are great for outdoor family dinners or intimate dinners that needs candle lighting, because, you do not need to worry if you choose a windy place since the lighting and the flickering of flames will not die down with the wind.
  • You only need to buy it once. Since it is battery operated, it will last for as long as a year which is mostly covered by the warranty period. Some models also have replaceable batteries.
  • It looks like a real candle that includes LED flicker-like flame minus the messy melted waxed that you need to handle after using. This is excellent for home decorations, weddings and also any types of parties that need candles.
  • Most of these candles can be operated with a remote for much ease and convenience.
  • There are several colors and scents that you can choose from to suit your different needs and moods. Some meltless candles have infused aromas which smells like scented wax.
  • LED battery operated candles are safe to the environment. They do not emit harmful gases that cause air pollution.


  • LED batteries are a little bit expensive and once in a while you need to replace the battery to keep your candle going.
  • Depending on the manufacturer and especially if you are buying online, some may not very well imitate real candles and may give off a white glow during daytime instead.

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The meltless candles are the new century’s answer to a hassle free candlelit dinner or intimate evening lighting. Do not allow yourself to be stressed up with what candles to buy that will last longer. Go for meltless candles for total convenience and hassle free candle lighting activities.