Do you like that off road performance but still want to keep that highway handle and speed? Rough Country lift professionalizes in leveling lift kits that give you the performance you’re looking for. By adjusting your vehicle’s angle and center, the automobile’s reaction to torque is modified as well, and with rear end changes and tire adjustment your vehicle acquires a whole new attitude.

chevy 2-inch leveling lift kit Truck Leveling Kit Pros & Cons

 Installing leveling lift kits rather than regular lift kits can be both costs efficient and simpler to complete as a do-it-yourself project. Leveling kits are mostly done to adjust your tire ratio and style. A great feature concerning this particular kit is that it is specifically designed for people who accessorize and modify their vehicle. As with all projects however, proper planning and insight to what you’re looking for is key to all modifications. Although custom leveling can be done, taking precautions reduces the risk of jeopardizing your automobiles integrity. Find out more about the car and truck leveling kit pros and cons.

Check Out Our List of Car and Truck Leveling Kit Pros & Cons


  • Cost Efficient – This setup is cheaper for its simplicity to modify. Because you dealing with springs, shocks, brace and other support irons, it’s both cost efficient and replaceable.
  • Diversity Of Off Road/On Road Quality– With the off road differential adjustments you can step up your tires and run thru rougher terrains than your regular dirt roads.
  • Maximize Performance– Having leveling kits will optimize attachments for torque and allow for a moderate differential and handling. This will give your ride a higher ground cover, a stronger tool for plowing, a solid tow horse and fine tuned to your style and taste.

In essence the level lift kit is a tool to gain maximum performance within the class your utilizing your vehicle. Install this to customize your truck or car with larger stylish tires and accenting ground clearance. For more rugged off road durability, some choose to use attachments such as forward and rear bumpers, side rails, toolboxes or hunting-kennel, winches, plow and other popular accessories. Without accounting for overall vehicle integrity, you could miss out on that extra percent of power and strength.


  • Accelerated wear on certain other parts of the vehicle to optimize your engines performance to compensate for the leveling.
  • The setup requires you to accessorize weight bumpers and tires. Most leveling kits allow for standard drivers’ tire sets. However, adding weight to your vehicle require leveling lift kits.
  • Slight reduction in performance and mpg on the road. The drawback to such modifications can reduce speed and performance. However, for each adjustment there are ways to compensate, slight adjustments to engine, chassis, and suspension will have the vehicle back on its usual self.

2-inch dodge ram leveling kit

Cars and Trucks Leveling Kit Pros & Cons Final Words

 Leveling lift kits are unlike the traditional lift kits, less parts and upgrading is needed. Be sure to check the warranty. Depending on how much your vehicle operates, this kit is often replaced over extensive use. This is not due to its weakness however, the integrity does wear down and annual upgrades are beneficial for performance yet not necessarily required.