The use of award plaques is a great way to show appreciation to anyone. It is always important as an employer to show appreciation to your employees for their efforts and contribution in their respective capacities. This encourages hard work and breaks ice between tension situations that might have built in any work area. Your employee’s morale is boosted with just a simple award. This is because they acknowledge the goodwill from their bosses and they know that with more effort, something good awaits them. Award plaques are of different types, materials, sizes and colors that make it easy to send the right message through them. Award plaques are also used during contests where winners are awarded on their merit.

genuine walnut look magnificent corporate scroll award plaque

Types of Award Plaques to Choose From

Award plaques can be made from a variety of materials. Below we enumerate such materials used to make them.

  • Glass has become a favorite in making award plaques due to its availability in various shapes and sizes. Engraving and sand blasting is possible on glass and can produce a perfect finish. This usually comes with a stand for the award to sit on during display.
  • Timber is generally used to bring out a classic look on an award. It is tough and is preferred for awards since they last long.
  • Wood laminates are also used as plaques. They are environment-friendly as no trees are chopped for making plaques.
  • Granite is another material used to make award plaques. They are known to be durable and can be made to any size required. These types of plaques are also engraved and sandblasted.
  • Acrylic award plaques are also known to be durable and relatively inexpensive. They can be made to look very professional even when one needs to have custom award plaques.

Recognizing achievements by giving award plaques is a great thing but people do not need to spend their entire fortune on getting something that sends the right message. A personal touch for custom made corporate award plaques or custom medals goes a long way to show gratitude for something done.

affordable custom corporate award plaques

As much as generic plaques are available, and offer cheaper prices, they may not be the best to capture the message you wish to pass. Custom made awards are personalized and can emphasize the mood you wish to pass. The idea behind using custom made awards instead of generic plaques is to incorporate your own design, which could even be a logo as well as a personal message. One example would be a custom designed plaque for someone who has worked for the company but has to leave for retirement.

All these are available from local stores as well as online, and one only needs to perform a search to find where to get the best deals.