Flowers have always been considered as messengers of love and beauty. Using flowers in all occasions and events have come down from the ages. A bouquet of flowers can say a lot more than words. One that is good to consider is the wedding bouquet—it may be so simple but it can express deep thoughts of love and care.

A wedding bouquet of fresh flowers is naturally elegant and enhances the ambience of the wedding scene. Florists use their imagination to come up with various types of such bouquets that are specially meant for the wedding. Among them, the most commonly used wedding bouquet styles are the following:

present- day white wedding bouquet

  • Teardrop bouquet – The flowers are arranged in the shape of a bunch of grapes. The bouquet has a wide top and tapers down to a point at the bottom.
  • Posy bouquet – Very simply designed and is the most favorite of all. It is round in shape.
  • Sheath bouquet – This wedding bouquet is shaped like a sheath which is long and is carried across the arms.

Various kinds of flowers used for a wedding bouquet

A wedding bouquet is mostly available in two types, mainly the natural flowers and artificial flowers. It is a belief that the fragrance of fresh flowers and herbs ward off evil and carrying of the wedding bouquet by the bride is a practice that has been in vogue from yonder times. Moreover flowers convey messages of love and togetherness. The various colors used to make up a wedding bouquet lend an exclusive meaning to the occasion.

Natural Flowers

A wedding bouquet of red roses touches the heart and pleases the eyes also. Here are some ideas that help in selecting the bouquet for the bride according to their meanings:

  • Red roses are symbols of love and are available all throughout the year.
  • Yellow roses symbolize joy and one can get a wonderful bouquet at any time of the year.
  • White roses convey the message of unity and such a bouquet is really too beautiful to be expressed in words.
  • Orange roses, too, are available almost all year round and depict a passionate feeling. 

Artificial Flowers

Silk flowers are also used to make an attractive wedding bouquet. The main advantages of using these silk flowers are:

  • Firstly, one can choose any color of her choice as they are made out from very soft and elegant silk materials that look equally beautiful and sophisticated.
  • Secondly, a silk wedding bouquet does not wither away like natural flowers. They are there to stay for quite some time.
  • Thirdly, they are much cheaper than the seasonal flowers.
  • Fourthly, a bride can make an amazing wedding bouquet by herself by adding her own creativity and imagination mingled with feelings of love and passion.

arty colorful purple wedding bouquet

Natural flowers are a thing of beauty and appreciated on all occasions. Recently, artificial flowers, too, are being made that have manifold attractions. Maintaining a flower garden is not as easy as it appears. Hence, wooden flowers are being extensively used to add beauty to the rooms and serve as great gifts when arranged in elegant bouquets.

Wooden flowers are mainly carved out from different types of wood and the softer wood offer a soft touch to the flowers. The art of wooden flowers have come from the wandering tribes mainly the Gypsies who used seasoned willow, alder and oak to make amazing flowers with simple knives and these are still in fashion today.