Be it a deep-white or a sparkling-green floral oriental scent, wood notes are what make the popular woody fragrances go a long way. Amber, oak moss, and sandalwood are notes considered to be the focal point of high-quality perfumes. Owing to their versatility and diversity, fragrances that have the finest wood notes have taken pleasure in their rebirth recently. However, such notes never fail to make their existence recognized. This article will provide you the popular woody fragrances for both men and women.

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Woody-Scented Perfumes for Women

For women who are mature, earthy scents are best recommended due to their extreme sophistication. The most sought-after wood notes in most popular woody fragrances for women often come from vetiver, sandalwood and cedar. Myrrh, galbanum, tree bark, leather, frankincense and tobacco are unusual wood notes that are likewise included in many fragrances. Have a look at the following woodsy fragrances that are often used by women.

  • Black by Bulgari – has elements of cedar, leather, vanilla, musk, amber, black tea note, bergamot, sandalwood and jasmine
  • Armani Mania Women – an armani perfume that has sandalwood, musk, sweet vanilla, warm amber and Virginia cedar
  • Wenge by Donna Karan – an exceptional mixture of vanilla, sandalwood and spices
  • Vol de Nuit by Jacques Guerlain – includes iris, amber, vanilla and base notes of woods
  • Gucci by Gucci – an extraordinary blend of oak moss, patchouli and musk and fruity notes
  • A Scent by Issey Miyake – a woody floral fragrance that has crystal moss musk, cedar, jasmine, hyacinth and verbena

Woody-Scented Perfumes for Men

The most popular woody fragrances for men have outdoor and wood notes, including sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli. The various blends of woody ingredients produce various fragrances. Here are the most sought-after woodsy fragrances for men.

  • Santos by Cartier – A classic fragrance that has carnation, spice, patchouli and sandalwood
  • Guilty by Gucci – Main ingredients consist of patchouli, mandarin, Italian lemon and sandalwood
  • Bulgari Man – An oriental and woody-scented fragrance consisting of benzoin, amber, various wood notes, violet leaf, sandalwood, bergamot, musk, vetiver and white honey
  • Emporio Armani Diamonds – Another popular armani perfume that consist of aromatic fragrance of citrus, cedar, gaiac, Szechwan pepper, vetiver, cocoa and more gourmand notes
  • L’Eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake – A fruity and woodsy fragrance of citrus, amber, spice, musk and woods

Selecting Perfumes

There are so many popular woody fragrances available these days, with sandalwood as the most frequently used wood note in most men and women woodsy fragrances. During the summer season, you can go for an eau de toilette version or cologne of woody perfumes, as they tend to smell much stronger when the weather is hot. Woody scents are often used during winter because of its strong aroma compared to other types of perfume. When you are shopping around for popular woody fragrances, here are some tips for you.

  • You can try one perfume each day, so you can have a precise estimate of the bottom, middle and top notes.
  • In addition, feel free to seek the assistance of a sales associate, when necessary.
  • Try these perfumes on your skin, as your body chemistry and skin type can alter how fragrances smell.

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Choose the best fragrance that speaks of your personality. Surely, these woody fragrances will tell people of your great taste and your sophistication.