Bathrobes, housecoats or dressing gowns are typically used for covering the body before and after taking a bath. The Microfiber Bathrobe is getting more and more popular in recent years; however, bathrobes are available in quite a few types of fabrics such as cotton, silk, terry cotton etc. Depending on personal needs, choice and life-style, each material used for making bathrobes has its own positive and negative aspects.

Cotton, silk and microfiber: main fabrics used in bathrobes

There are several types of fabrics are used for making bathrobes. Cotton, silk, and microfiber are the three main fabrics among those.

1. Cotton – mainly consisting of cellulose, is the most widely used fabric for bathrobes. The polarity of cellulose enables cotton to absorb water easily and quickly. Because of this feature of cotton, cotton bathrobes are typically used after bathing. They are good as cover ups for swimwear as well. Because of its high absorption capacity, cotton is the best possible bathrobe fabric material in warm and humid climate.

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2. Silk bathrobes – are attractive and luxurious. These are thin and very lightweight, hence, comfortable. As the production cost of silk is very high, silk bathrobes are quite expensive and out of reach of the people with average income. But, silk bathrobes are not a good option in warm and humid climate because of its inability to absorb water.

3. Microfiber Bathrobe – is woven from “microfiber”, an artificial fabric made of cellulose or polyester which has the texture and appearance of natural fabrics. Microfiber Bathrobe is the most durable among all types of bathrobes. The thickness of microfiber, the material used for making Microfiber Bathrobe, is about one percent of human hair. Such feature of microfiber makes Microfiber Bathrobe extremely soft and light weight, just like silk. Water absorption capability and breathability of microfiber is very high. Besides, microfiber is known as the most durable fabric, and lasts few times longer than cotton. Altogether, Microfiber Bathrobe can be the ideal choice as bathrobe in any condition.

4. Terry cotton – is also used for making bathrobes. Bathrobes made with terry cotton are much like those made of cotton, but, are softer and last longer. Also, terry cotton can absorb more water than cotton.

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Cashmere Robe: The Unbeatable Best

Anyone who wants to get a designer bathrobe should go for Cashmere robe. Some people say that some things in life can’t be bettered or replaced such as the taste of chilled champagne or the Turkish rugs in the living room, and, when the issue comes to clothing- nothing can beat Cashmere. Cashmere, made from the soft wool of Cashmere goat, is extremely soft and sophisticated, and feels wonderful on skin.

Cashmere robe is long lasting, and feels soft always no matter how old it is or how many times has it been worn. It insulates body heat very well which makes Cashmere robe is ideal for fall and winter. Also, it absorbs water very well. So undoubtedly, no one would ever miss the chance to have a Cashmere robe.