One of the best gas dryers on the market today are the Maytag gas dryers. These dryers use natural gas or propane to dry your clothes. Maytag dryers using gas for drying typically dry clothes much faster than electric dryers. These dryers cost more than their electric counter parts, but over the years of service they tend to be much cheaper in operating costs and do save you money. You do not need a special 220 volt socket for these gas dryers, unlike the electric dryers which need 220 volts for their operation. They use the most advanced moisture sensing system. This system helps in not over drying your clothes which helps in reducing the shrinking of your clothes. All Maytag dryers use commercial grade 1/3 HP motors which allows them to dry clothes in a shorter time.

Common Features Of Maytag Dryers

  • 10 cycles or more including automatic drying, timed drying and energy preferred drying

  • Premium dryer rollers with a smooth suspension system that reduces noise

best efficient maytag atlantis gas dryer

  • Panel controls that provide control to all functions, including options and drying cycle selection

  • End of cycle alerts that tell you when the cycle is complete

  • Front and rear heat seals that increase drying performance without heat loss

  • Commercial technology is used in all machines ensuring their durability

  • Rapid refresh steam cycle lets you refresh clothes that may have been hanging in your closet for some time

  • 120 minute wrinkle prevent cycle lets you dry your clothes without them getting tangled and wrinkled, saving you from having to iron your clothes

best reliable Maytag Gas Dryer

  • Dura cushion dryer drum prevent the excess of lint formation which lessens the wear on your clothes

The Maytag Gas Dryer Experience

If you own a Maytag gas dryer, like the affordable and simple Maytag Atlantis gas dryer, you know how efficiently these machines dry your clothes. Most of the times these dryers run without any problems, but if you do happen to have a problem with your machine, most times it can be solved by looking up in your manual for the troubleshooting guide. Most problems are due to faulty maintenance or some problem which can be quickly solved.

different maytag gas dryer parts

Sometimes if you are a person who is handy with machines, you could find that Maytag gas dryer repair to be a simple job. But at other times it is best to get a trained repair person to look into the Maytag gas dryer repair. If a part has gone bad it is better to get Maytag gas dryer parts from an authorized dealer so that you have the original part as a replacement. With regular maintenance and basic preventive care will keep your Maytag gas dryer in good condition and give you many years of trouble free service.

how to do maytag gas dryer repair

Most of the reviews for Maytag gas dryers are positive. Most of the users were very happy with the capacity of these dryers and they also liked the fact that these dryers dried the clothes much quicker than the electric dryers. Most of the reviewers also liked the fact that these dryers were very quite in operation. So if you are looking for a gas dryer you could not go wrong with a Maytag dryer.