Nowadays, combat boots are not only worn by the military as it was before. They have found their way into shoe stores and both men and women are purchasing them. Some features that make combat boots different from other boots include:

  • They are durable.
  • Aside from being stylish, they are water resistant too.
  • These boots are comfortable and can be worn in different seasons.

How Combat Boots Came to Rise

The first combat boots were worn by the Assyrians followed by the English soldiers. The English boots had buckles and not laces. Then, the US military wore ankle-high combat shoes, which were uncomfortable and had no right or left shoe. However, with time, new and better designs of military boots were developed prioritizing comfort. Initially, these boots were made to be used for certain military purposes such as training and in combat. This is because they provided the soldiers during the above mentioned activities with the following:

  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Protection
  • Ankle support

unisex army hot weather combat boots

With the ever growing popularity of these boots, the combat boots fashion has led to boot manufacturers designing various styles of boots that have varying applications.

Materials Used

The main material used in the making of the military boots is natural and synthetic leather. However, the material used is dependent on the part of the shoe being made. The alterations in the material are important as boots serve various purposes.

  • The upper part, which is mainly visible, is made of leather, mesh, synthetic leather or canvas.
  • Foam rubber, phylon or polyurethane is used in making the midsole.
  • Synthetic or natural rubber is used in making the outsole.

The use of cheap materials to make boots has resulted in the availability of cheap combat boots.


Variations of Combat Boots

Below are the different variations of combat boots.

  • Jungle boots – Jungle boots are used for walking in soggy and wet terrains. The upper part of this boot is made of canvas, which prevents water from entering the boots.
  • Patent leather boots – These boots are specifically worn by the military. They require no polishing as the leather used in its making is glossy.
  • Tanker boots – Tanker boots are fully made of leather and does not have laces. Instead, it has leather straps for securing and tightening them. They are worn by tank operators.
  • Desert boots – These boots are made from suede and do not need polishing at all. They are not water-resistant but matches well with casual wear.

hot pink combat boots

There are also those boots that are worn during the cold weather and they provide warmth to the feet and prevent the feet from getting wet. Examples are the bear claw boots.

Combat boots are readily available in both online and local retail stores. The most sought after boots are the black combat boots as they blend well with both casual and official wear. For women, wear these boots with a long flowing dress and form fitting trousers. Have your combat boots because your feet deserve some protection and style altogether.