Many women have a passion for scarves. There are several styles of scarves and the infinity scarf is one of them. It is a new, unique and fashionable style. In general, scarves are made and designed in a great variety of materials including metallic and crocheted. They can be light or heavy in weight and can be worn during all seasons of the year. Patterns are also varied with the leopard print scarf being one of the most popular patterns.

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Endlessness and without limit are the meanings of infinity; hence, the infinity scarf is also endless. It is woven in a large loop with no ends, similar to a necklace. The endless large loops are the advantage of this scarf because there is no need to knot or tie it. Here are some ways on how to use the infinity scarf.

Around the Neck

Just put the center seam behind your neck and twist the scarf into the figure eight and place the front loop over your head. The scarf should lie flat on your chest. You can even do this three times rather than two if you want a fuller look around your neck. The triple loop is best done with light, gauzy fabrics. For larger women, the triple loop draws attention away from their mid-section.

As a Shawl

In cooler weather, a shawl is a good option instead of carrying around a jacket or a coat. When you are wearing the infinity scarf in the traditional way and you suddenly feel cold, just remove it. Then hold it up and put your arms up and through it while the scarf is behind your head. Then, drape it over your shoulders as a shawl.

Wrap in the Back

This look evokes the era of glamour in Hollywood, especially if it is a leopard print scarf. Place the infinity scarf over your head and loop it so that the majority of the scarf hangs down your back.

Tips for Wearing the Infinity Scarf

Here are several tips on how to wear infinity scarf fashionably.

  • In today’s world, women who still want to look unique and fashionable can go just about anywhere in jeans, a white, well-cut tee shirt and an infinity scarf in vibrant colors or in patterns of stripes, polka dots, geometric designs or animal prints.
  • Because infinity scarves are so versatile, they can even be worn under a suit jacket for the office and those metallic infinity scarves can accent an evening outfit beautifully.
  • Even a retro look turban can be made using this scarf.

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Savvy women know that the type of accessories they put together with their outfits can make a fashion statement on their own. An infinity scarf, which is so adaptable and easy to wear, can give women a number of ways to achieve many different looks from the bizarre to the chic.