They may just be solid sheets of colored paper but custom stickers have a number of valuable applications. Creatively designed to stick to any smooth surfaces, custom stickers have backgrounds that are carefully adjusted in terms of color in order to complement the color of the focal subject. Nowadays, cheap custom stickers are becoming more popular not only because of their ability to attract attention but also because they are cost-effective and can be easily customized. Below are the types of custom stickers and their uses.

free custom diecut stickers

Standard Custom Stickers

Basically, standard stickers are cut to a particular size and created with a crack-and-peel back for them to be easily peeled off and avoid damage. These custom stickers are mostly used by companies and small-scale organizations as giveaways. Standard stickers come in different elegant finishes and typically measure 2 to 11 inches in width.

Custom Roll Stickers

As its name implies, these custom stickers are rolled in a core tube and require manual application. Roll stickers are perfect for large-scale companies and promotions and usually come in several variations such as the following:

  • Clear Roll Stickers – These stickers feature a transparent look, which is resistant to oil and water.
  • White Roll Stickers – Like clear stickers, this variation is also oil and water resistant. However, it is printed in an opaque, white sheet which are usually used indoors and for labeling containers of beauty and bath products.
  • White Flexible Vinyl Stickers – Made from polyolefin material, these vinyl stickers are more durable and water-resistant compared to other types. They are also thicker and mostly used for making custom logo stickers for promotions, warning labels and identification.
  • Textured Roll Stickers – To give off elegance and durability, these rolled stickers are created with textured surfaces. And because of their exceptional qualities, they are mainly used by companies manufacturing expensive wines and specialty food items.

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Other Applications

Aside from the uses indicated above, custom stickers are also utilized by bands for their band logo, restaurants for their branding, government and non-government organizations for endorsements and by shipping companies on the goods they deliver.

These custom stickers are really a great help in promoting products or companies. You could try making your own stickers by using reliable labeling systems like P Touch Labels if you want to be cost effective. When advertising a particular name, product or company, it is extremely beneficial for one to use custom stickers because they are cheap, long-lasting and efficient in attracting the crowd’s attention.