Advantages of fiber optic cable are many. Likewise there are a few minor disadvantages too. Fiber optic cables are somewhat new compared to the old copper cable connections used for ages. Made up of glass or plastic capable of transmitting light signals, these cables are capable of passing data at a very high speed.

singlemode duplex fiber optic cable

Advantages of Fiber Optic Cable

High Bandwidth

  • High bandwidth is the main advantage of using fiber optic cables.
  • The data transmission rate is much greater than the one in copper cables or the coaxial cables. Hence, most of the broadband service providing companies and several cable operators has switched to fiber optic cables, like the Toslink cable.
  • Initially these cables transmitted 280 megabits per second. Now they transmit millions of megabits per second.
  • Since, they are made up of glass they don’t get corroded easily like copper. Hence, their life time is much longer than the other cables.
  • Glass cables are much lighter than the traditional copper cables. Hence, they are easy to install and remove.
  • They are readily available in various lengths in nearly any hardware stores.


Disadvantages of Fiber Optic Cables


There is lot of dispersion in the fiber optic cables compared to other traditional means of transmitting data.

  • Copper cables transmit data in the form of volts while fiber optic cables transmit in the form of light. Hence, the optical signals can propagate in any direction.
  • Two or more fiber cables are necessary if we need a bidirectional signal.

Prone to Bending

  • These cables can be easily bent unlike the traditional copper cables. So, installing them in areas susceptible to high pressure is not advisable.
  • The cost of installing these cables is quite high. They can cost twice the amount of installing copper cables or even more in some cases.
  • Though they are very common these days, they were quite costly when they were introduced. Furthermore, they took lot of time to splice together and make them work efficiently.
  • No such problem exists these days as most of the technicians know how to install and repair the minor faults in these cables.

fiber optics benefits and advantages


The advantages of fiber optic cable outweigh its costs and minor disadvantages by all means. Hence, these cables have nearly replaced other means of data transmission from most of the countries. Researches on improving the capacity of the fiber optic cables are carried on all over the world.

Modern day cables are much faster than the first generation cables. They can be used for various purposes like dual power lines, as aerial telephone poles and in installation of internet for houses. Their easy availability and good performance paves way more research resulting in improvisation of data transmission speed day by day.