A photo frame is a very popular gift today. It is personalized and can seal some of the best memories within it. No matter what the occasion may be like Easter, Christmas, a birthday or a graduation party, a photo frame makes for a great gift. There are various different types of frame designs available today. Over the years, these frames have evolved and today, there are even sophisticated frames in the market that are elegant and exquisite.

latest popular frame design

Popular Frame Designs

  • Digital Photography Frames: These are the latest types of frames and have already become very popular. These frames are completely digital, as the name suggests. All you need to do is insert the memory card from your camera into the frame and pick the pictures you’d like to frame. These frames also offer slideshow technology and they are a perfect example of growing technology and ideas. They are expected to be more popular in the near future.
  • Wooden Frames: These are the most popular frame designs of the lot. They are chosen based on the kind of photograph and can also be of various types. They can be categorized based on colors and the kind of wood used. Darker versions are amazing for old, black and white pictures while bright wooden frames are used for bright pictures. These frames are also used to frame paintings and cross-stitch works. They have been around for years and because of their versatility and easy availability, they are extremely popular.

most popular wooden frame

  • Handmade Photo Frames: These are of different types and varieties and each is unique in its own way. You can either buy these from professional designers or simply make them on your own. They are very simple to make and you only need to have an artistic side to do so. You don’t need to be a professional at all. The personalization matters the most. Some ideas of making these popular frame designs include using old clothes or any other kind of fabric and paint.
  • Painted Frames: These are frames in which magic is done with paints. They may be painted with just one color or they may depict a theme. These are preferred because they can be selected based on the personality of the person you are buying them for. There is also a large variety, which makes them very popular.
  • Ceramic Frames: These frames are very elegant and are durable because they are made out of ceramic and porcelain. They are also damage resistant and this is one aspect in which they are better than the other popular frame designs.

The 18×24 frame is the most popular size of photo frames. They can be used for graduation pictures, family portraits and weddings among other things. No matter what you choose, make sure you buy one based on the purpose and the person’s personality if you are planning on presenting it as a gift idea.