If you have a baby and you want to keep the odors down as well as hide her dirty diapers, the Diaper Dekor disposal system is the perfect choice. The bin is made of plastic and features a lid that is activated by a pedal. You may place the Dekor diaper pail in your nursery bedroom or bathroom, to make it easily accessible whenever you change diapers.

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The Diaper Dekor plus is the most simple system for disposing diapers in the market. Just step on the pedal and the lid pops up. No complicated putting or twisting of your hand inside the can. Just step and drop and that is it. In addition, the pail is easy to empty with its convenient built in and front door cutter. The disposal system is used with Diaper Dekor plus refills, which can accommodate up to 670 diapers, four times more than those made by other leading brands. Thus, you can actually save money on pail liners because each diaper would only cost you a few pennies. Going for the competition would cost you up to three times more.

The Diaper Dekor could be used for babies from birth and above. Once your baby reaches the age when she no longer needs diapers, you can us the pail as step and drop can for your own trash.

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Important Considerations

There are two things that you have to realize when purchasing a Diaper Dekor. These are:

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  • A pail will not completely take away bad odor and mess. You have to understand that whether you use a waste disposal system or not, you will not be able to avoid the stinky smell completely. In addition, you still need to clean something, whether it is the pail itself or the place where you put it.
  • Rather than having your diaper pail overflowing and over stacked, make sure that you replace the refills regularly whenever they are full. With Diaper Dekor refills, you do not have to do that for about 480 diapers.
  • When shopping for a diaper pail, ensure that it is convenient to use, has a scent that could be used to mask the smell and will not drain your bank account. The Diaper Dekor pail and refills are famous for these features. You want a pail that will do its job efficiently at a very competitive price. Diaper Dekor is also friendly to the environment but make sure that you get your pail and refills from reputable sellers.

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Only a few manufacturers invested time and money in making their products green. Disposing the dirty diaper itself is already very tough for the environment. Thus, even a tiny adjustment that will make the diaper pail more efficient and friendly to the environment will count. Diaper Dekor only uses refills that are biodegradable. This means that they break down at a faster rate compared to plastic. In addition, the refills have an internal cutter and continuous refill, making it possible for eco lovers to make as few bags as possible.