In most of the Indiana Jones reviews, he is referred to as the man in the fedora. This is because he greatly publicized this king of hat. With time, it has come to be referred to as the “Indiana Jones hat”. The fedora hat is famed as a regular costume for the bad guys such as gangsters, investigators and of course the secret service. The fact that it conceals the face brings a lot of mystery and the hat itself is made such as to appear intimidating. Here are some of the reviews in which the fedora features greatly as the Indiana Jones hat.

Perfect Indiana Jones Hat

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This is a movie set in the post Nazi Europe when the Russian communist regime is at its peak. Professor Jones is an old archeologist who has to find a treasure and to do this they face a stiff opposition from the Russian authorities to the point of escaping death. Among all the Indiana Jones reviews, this is the most interesting because the movie itself is very good. However, it does have a false ring because of the alien corpse.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

This is another movie where Harrison Ford greatly exposed the fedora hat. Produced by Steven Spielberg, this movie got highly promoted and it did well in the blockbuster, if you are the kind of person who does not mind a lot of action. There are lots of hand to hand tussles and use of guns in the movie and it is greatly stimulating to watch. Harrison ford acts as the French archeologist Belloq, who is sent on a mission by the United States military to find the Ark of the Covenant in the place it is proposed to have been buried. Great part of the Indiana Jones reviews.

The Last Crusade

This movie contains a lot of action and typically, Indiana Jones dons his favorite hat, the fedora. It is set in the Nazi regime and he is in search of the Holy Grail, which apparently is the reason why his father disappeared. He is followed by agents of a secret brotherhood who are dedicated to keeping the location of the Holy Grail hidden from the rest of the world. From Berlin to Venice, the movie is scenic and Indiana Jones reviews are fantastic considering the fact that at one point in the movie, he runs into Hitler himself.

The Temple of Doom

The Indiana Jones hat took the center stage again, this time in India. This movie is very interesting but it is also horrifying. Horrifying because of some scenes such as the snakes that coil around the neck and the temple where they serve eye balls as soup are all too much. The film is creepy and most people do not like it mainly because of the gross and graphic images especially when a man’s heart is taken out of his chest while he is still alive. The Indiana Jones reviews for this movie are not the best but at least we get to see him again in the fedora hat.

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The Indiana Jones franchise has made its mark in Hollywood. It has started a phenomenon and made people very famous until now such as Harrison Ford. It will always be remembered as a great action/fiction movie with amazing scenes and beautiful leading ladies.