The history of welding goes back to the ancient iron and bronze ages. Although the techniques and the tools used have gone through a lot of changes, the basic concept has remained the same— and that is joining two metal pieces with the help of heat and pressure. Various kinds of welding supply is in great demand to carry on the task of welding perfectly and safely.

miller tig welder and welding supplies

Essential Tools and Supplies in Welding

The types of supply depend on its application and use. The main welding supply tools that are required would include:

  • electric current source
  • source for welding compound
  • welding rods based on electrode
  • gas supply
  • protective equipments like helmets, gloves, aprons and masks.

The quality of these supplies must always be of the best type to ensure safety. One of the most important things to have in welding would be the welding helmet. The use of which compulsory during any kind of welding work. It acts as a covering of the head and eyes. The welding helmets is an important welding supply that offer protection from arc eye, retina burns and also flash burning of neck, eyes and the face of the welder.

Different Types of Industrial Welding Supply

Nowadays, different kinds of equipments are used for industrial welding and that is due to the great advancement in modern technology. Among the different industrial welding supply products the most common are:

  • Tig welder: This welding supply  is used to weld steel, copper, magnesium and aluminum. For welding aluminium and steel mig welder is required as it takes less welding time.
  • Stick Welder: Some use stick welding in joining aluminum, iron, copper, nickel and steel.
  • Multi-Process Units: When spot repairs are necessary in industries, multi-process units welding supply is of great help to welders.

Welding Supply Stores

Although welding is a very important part of every kind of industry, all welding supplies are not available at the regular stores.

  • The specialized equipments that welders need are available mostly at a welding supply store, such as: Lowes, Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware, Home Depot and others.
  • However, for other welding accessories such as tig cups made of ceramic, collet bodies, collet, flowmeters, tig torches and tungsten electrodes, one can look out at the local welding supply store.
  • There are also renowned manufacturers of welding supply and equipment, one example of which is the Central Welding Supply.

thermal arc multi-process units

Central Welding Supply

Central Welding Supply is a well known supplier of welding equipments and welding supply to various industries and oil refineries and all construction units. They provide all materials of branded manufacturers and are considered as the most trusted provider of welding supply to innumerable industries. According to the demand of the supplies and market trends, the store managers of Central Welding Supply stock up the best quality equipments so that there is no need to compromise with the standard of the welding supply you purchase from them.