The most common contamination found in water is iron. An iron filter is a type of filter used to eliminate iron present in water. Using this can help prevent iron from staining clothing and any other surface that comes into contact with the water.

You also use an iron filter to strain water for cooking and deinking. You can tell that iron is present in your water by its reddish or brownish color when it exits the pipes. There are numerous reasons to promote the importance of using iron filters for water.

Using an iron filter for water makes the water odorless and also improves it taste during consumption. The other importance of using iron filter is the fact that the water filter also removes any bacteria brought about by the iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese through oxidation.

How The Iron Filter Works

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The Iron filter helps oxidize iron in the water before filtering out the iron in the water. Iron in the water can also be clear in color, not just reddish or brownish. This kind of iron contamination is popularly known as ferrous.

The importance of using iron filters is the fact that the filter can take the clear iron present in the water and transforms it to ferric iron. The iron filter then takes this iron particles present in the water and drains it out by backwashing it in the water system.

Types Of Iron Filters

There are numerous types of iron filters found in the market and include the following;

The Greensand iron filters that use potassium permanganate to help clean and disinfect the water. This filter also has magnesium dioxide coating around the filter.

The Air oxidation iron filters or the Chemical Free Iron Filters that uses oxygen to filter the iron out of the water. Some have some kind of venture is attached to the filter to induce the air in the filter.

The Chlorination-filtration iron filters with a sediment filter to help take out the iron particles. This iron filter also has carbon water filter that is activated to take care of any surplus chlorine in the system.

•The ozone iron filters that use a corona discharge generator to treat the water. These iron filters also helps kills bacteria.

It is important to note that the importance of using iron filters is not limited by the type of iron filter you choose to use. All these water filters have different features, and it is up to you to pick one with features you prefer.

Advantages Of The Iron Water Filter

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Apart from removing the iron particles from the water, the iron filter has numerous advantages. The other reason of the importance of using iron filters can be seen below;

•The iron water filter functions automatically. You do not have to worry about buying something else to help the filtration process.

•The iron filter is a self cleaning device. You do not have to worry about looking for a suitable way of cleaning it. You also do not have to worry about maintenance.

You need to change the iron filter often to keep up with its optimum performance. Depending with type of filter, you may need to change it every three to six months.