Vacuum cleaners are an integral part of the household equipment that is used for cleaning purposes. Thus, cleaning vacuum cleaners is one thing that all vacuum cleaner owners ought to know about. In order to ensure that your vacuum cleaner is functioning properly, you need to clean it regularly. Vacuum cleaners are known to suck in dirt to the vacuum bag. If proper maintenance is not provided for the vacuum cleaners, dirt will leak and fill the your room when doing housework chores. This can have several health hazards, especially to young children. This is one of the reasons why utmost care should be taken when dealing with vacuum cleaners. Most people who own vacuum cleaners overlook the fact that these machines need to be cleaned every once in a while to ensure total performance.

vacuum cleaner cleaning

Why Is It Important To Clean Vacuum Cleaners?

  • Cleaning increases the suction power of the vacuum, thus ultimately efficient when in use.
  • Cleaning vacuum cleaners helps prevent leakage of accumulated dirt from the filters into the surrounding environment, which can result to health complications such as Asthma.
  • Cleaning increases the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum machines, including the Tristar vacuum cleaner, come with operational manuals, which give you a guide on cleaning this brand of vacuum cleaners. These instructions should be easy to understand and implement.

Here is an overview on cleaning vacuum cleaners. First, you need to know how to open the vacuum cleaner. This is helpful because different vacuum cleaners have different ways of cleaning instructions.

Once you have opened the vacuum cleaner, remove the filter, as per the manual instructions. With the filter in your hands you can proceed to cleaning it. There are three ways that you can do to clean the filter.


  • Blowing the filter using an air compressor. This is considered the most effective way of cleaning the filter as it ensures that even the tiny particles of dust fall off the filter.
  • Tapping the filter against a hard surface such as a wall. Most people use this method but it is not advisable as the dust particles may fall back into the area cleaned. You can also inhale the dust in the process of doing this method, which can cause respiratory problems.
  • Brushing the filter using a soft brush in order to remove the dust. Make sure you wear protective gear such as a mask to avoid inhaling the dirty particles.

Do not forget to check the vacuum bag often. If it is already full, the vacuum cleaner will not work properly. Change the vacuum bag even before it reaches its full capacity.

Cleaning vacuum cleaners will not only increase the productivity of your vacuum cleaner, but will also ensure that you live in a clean environment free from dust. Therefore, you are sure of the safety of your children at your own home.