The Nike Vomero product line is the level of quality, durability and performance we’ve come to expect of the Nike brand.

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  • Womens Nike Vomero: This is a great running shoe product line. Women will appreciate the cushion of the midsole. However, some attention has been brought to the fact they may be of too much cushion allowing the heel to “sink.” This can stress the Achilles but you’ll have to be the judge.
  • Nike Vomero Sunglasses: These sunglasses are quite sporty and sleek in appearance. They are lightweight and have reduced fogging due to the ventilated nose bridge. You have improved airflow, sport wrap styling for full coverage, and the temple arms have added grip for security. These sunglasses are for winners.

If you’re in the market for new Nike products to add to your collection, then the Vomero line is the way to go. It is designed for the athlete and sport enthusiast and holds up to durability testing.

The Nike Vomero Collection

The Vomero collection as a whole is designed with cushioned midsoles for footwear. Women’s Nike Vomero is no longer the only choice; the new Vomero+ 6 and Vomero+ 7 can be purchased for men as the designs are starting to support men’s feet as well.

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Features of the Vomero Collection

  • Added cushion for a softer strike and reduced impact
  • Enhanced lateral support
  • Customized fit for both genders
  • Flex grooves to improve material flexibility
  • Various traction patterns of rubber for optimized performance
  • Many gender-specific modifications to design for a custom product

Even the Nike Vomero sunglasses feature many different areas of improvement over other Nike glasses. With the temple arms added grip area due to waffle tread patterns, you get increased hold and maneuverability of these glasses.

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Nike Vomero Models

There are multiple models and styles available within the Vomero collection of shoes. Continue with this Nike Vomero review to get an idea of which products may best suit you.

  • Nike Zoom Vomero+ 7 – The latest version of the Vomero brand. You will enjoy the breathability, lateral support, cushioned midsole and overall performance from these shoes. Many online reviews tout the praises of the Vomero shoes for the avid runner.
  • Nike Zoom Vomero+ 6 – Previously designed for women’s running, the new redesign was deployed for men. Future Vomero models would have great support for men’s activities and feet structure. These are a high performing, lightweight shoe great for cushion and agility.
  • Nike Vomero Sunglasses EVO521 – Stylish. Sleek. Nike proud. These sunglasses feature a balanced frame for a comfortable fit without the bounce or loose slippage of its market counterparts. You will enjoy the added grip of these glasses as well as the UV protection they offer.


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To get great bargains, search thoroughly online and at your local Nike dealer. There are occasional promotions and discounts running on some of the Nike Vomero products so keep your eyes peeled. As always, make sure you know what size your feet truly are so you get the best fit for your dollar and encourage good podiatric health.