Mechanical pencils have been around for quite some time. During this period, different types of pencils have been produced with each offering a unique set of features to the users. Mechanical pencils have a number of the advantages that are offered by this product. Whether it is pentel mechanical pencils or the papermate mechanical pencils, they do not require any type of sharpening. The lead used with the pencils is thin enough for use in many cases. It is the best tool to use where one is required to come up with a consistent line. This is because the thickness of the line does not change at any point meaning that one will have the exact set of strokes as they would like. It offers balance that is not available in the wooden set of pencils. As the wooden pencils are sharpened, they become shorter and shorter and as a result it may be difficult to hold the pencil in time.

 Mechanical pencils also have a set of features that make them really desirable; this is apart from the pencil grips which they all have. Cool mechanical pencils have a number of features that may include the following:

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  • The lead comes in different sizes. Each of these pencils comes in a size that is ideal for the selected use. Whether one wants to engage in writing or drawing activities, there are cool mechanical pencils that have the right width for this.
  • The papermate mechanical pencils come with a retractable tip. This is ideal for the person who will be carrying the pencil in their pocket. It is the easiest way to make sure that one does not get injured in the leg. It also protects the pocket any damage.
  • The cool mechanical pencils will come with erasers. This is a feature that is not available in the other types.
  • Pencil grips are also well designed in these products. There are some that come with an auto advance that allows the user to have a better and firmer grip when they are writing.

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 There are many choices that are available for the mechanical pencils. There are choices for the office, drafting as well as the one that is disposable. Each of them is designed with a specific use in mind and as a result is optimized to make sure that the user is not inconvenienced in any way while making use of it.

 The selection to be made is influenced by the use of the pencils. Selecting the right pencil is important and should be based on the work that one intends to perform with it. The mechanical pencils that are intended for writing are more resistant to any type of bending. The grip is also good to allow the user be comfortable when writing down. To allow one to carry it with ease, they come in small sizes that can easily fit in to the pocket. This means that one can carry it along anywhere they go.

Ideally these pencils are built for convenience, comfort and durability when compared to the standard wooden pencils. These key features are the main reasons why these pencils are more preferred by everyone nowadays.