Halogen light bulbs or lamps are a different variation of the incandescent lamp that makes use of halogen gas so as to give greater light and a much longer lifespan than that of a standard lamp. Halogen light bulbs are renowned for the following characteristics:

  • Being very efficient, In the way they can be used
  • For the quality of the light that they produce and give out
  • For being much longer lasting than other types of lamps such as incandescent lamps

power saving halogen light bulbs

A Brief History

Their background is very similar to that of the Incandescent lamp. In 1882, an inventor patented the use of chlorine to stop blackening in a lamp and this first introduced the concept of a lamp that could do this.

Then in 1959 the General Electric Company patented a halogen lamp that was commercially viable that made use of iodine instead of halogen gas.

To this day, GE halogen light bulbs are used the world over in all kinds of places and situations to give light and are the most popular brand of Halogen light bulbs on the market.

How They Work

The way they work is very similar to an incandescent lamp but there is one significant difference that makes it stand out from an incandescent lamp which is the use of the halogen cycle. Halogen light bulbs are constructed from quartz compared to normal light bulbs because of the temperature that is needed for reaction to take place is far higher than an incandescent bulb requires

Usually in an incandescent lamp, the tungsten will burn slowly from the filament before evaporating and this will result in the lamp becoming blacker which causes the light bulb to dim as its output is reduced as its life is diminished.

most used ge halogen light bulbs

What Makes Halogen Light Bulbs Special?

What makes Halogen light bulbs is that the halogen gas will chemically react with the tungsten that has evaporated and so stop it from becoming fixed to the glass. Some of the tungsten is then returned back to the filament and this will then give further life to the lamp.

How They Are Used Today

Halogen light bulbs are used in many different situations and applications in both commercial and residential settings and there all kinds of different halogen light bulbs that are available. These range from the domestic range of household Halogen light bulbs such as the mr16 bulb and Halogen light bulbs for cars, to the commercial halogen flood light bulbs which are extremely large and very specialized in how they retail.