A flannel jacket is a practical clothing that you can wear while backpacking through towering mountains or just strolling around the town. The reason why a flannel shirt jacket is so comfortable is that it is a lot softer than other fabrics. In addition, it is also warmer compared to other fabrics with the same thickness, since it is actually a very light kind of wool. However, you can find flannel shirt jackets that are made of cotton and synthetic blends. Flannel shirt jackets feels so good to the skin that they have become very popular all over the world, cotton blend or not.

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History Of Flannel Jacket Clothing

The material for the flannel jacket has been around for hundreds of years. Lumberjacks and farmers in the United States for example have worn flannel shirts in the past. The working class of Australia, who were also called westies or bogans, preferred flannel over other kinds of clothing because of its comfort and softness. At present, people who are into various careers are still wearing flannel for the same reasons that they were worn hundreds of years in the past.

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The flannel jacket is also commonly worn by individuals who are into the music scene, especially those who are members of metal and rock bands. A lot of musicians prefer to wear them since they look good and comfortable to be worn while performing on stage. The comfort fit of flannel made it a choice of other professionals as well, such as baseball and cricket player. The material is so comfortable and soft that there are plenty of clothing designs that use it, from the hooded flannel jacket to cold weather pajamas. A lot of leading brands also use flannel for their clothing lines such as the Patagonia reversible flannel jacket which are one of the hottest selling flannel jackets lately.

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More Information About Flannel Jackets

  • The traditional design for flannel is plaid that is done in different colors. However, there are funky designs and patterns that are available as well. There are even jackets that are in plain colors or adorned with popular sports teams.
  • Wool is very flammable, which presents a potential problem when you wear a flannel jacket. If you have one on, always stay away from fires and flames.
  • Flannel is seasonal. Even a thin flannel shirt can overwhelm you and be too hot for comfort during warmer days.
  • Although flannel is light material, it is capable of withstanding a lot of abuse and does not have to be washed each day. In addition, it is also very resistant to wrinkling.

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There are a lot of flannel jacket designs that are meant for different people and activities. Some have been designed for men while others are for women. Although there are still traditional designs that are available and loved by many, a more modern style that is as warm and comfortable is the flannel shirt jacket. This design is more preferred by younger people. Depending on the kind and style, you can expect to pay from twenty to a hundred dollars for a flannel jacket.