Known by the name Acer Palmatum, the Japanese Maple Bonsai are extremely beautiful. The literal translation of Bonsai is “Tree in a pot”. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours and even with different kinds of leaves. The most beautiful of all the Japanese maple trees are the laceleaf Japanese maple and the weeping Japanese maple. Though it is called the Japanese Maple Bonsai, it origins from other parts of Asia such as China and Korea apart from Japan.  Bonsais are a work of art as they need regular pruning or shaping to look good.  Bonsais can be styled in various ways such as the Broom, Formal Upright, Root over rocks, Slanting and more.

Old japanese maple tree

Types of Japanese Bonsai Trees

  • Penjing

Though it originates in China, it is in the same family as the Japanese Bonsai.  In order to be in the best form, they need to be planted among rockeries, as that is their natural habitat.

  • Japanese Red Maple Bonsai – Small

Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum Bonsai is the botanical name for the Japanese Red Maple Bonsai.  In spring, these trees have beautiful red leaves, which become green during summer and red again during winter.  Even the trunks of the trees change colors during the seasons – they are green in winter and red in summer. Japanese Red Maple Bonsai trees have leaves of about one inch. They are just wonderful to watch.  These bonsais are best displayed with a couple of trees together.

japanese maple bosai sheering beauty

  • Japanese Red Maple Bonsai –Large

The larger Japanese Red Maple Bonsai is known as Acer Palmatum “Atropurpurea”. These trees have deeply lobed purplish red leaves with no foliage in winter.  They are best kept outdoors.  They sometimes have small purplish red flowers in some months.

  • Japanese Maple Bonsai Tree – Root Over Rock Style

These trees have hand-like shaped of yellow and bronze leaves in autumn.  This bonsai tree is native to Japan and Korea and is deciduous.  They also spring insignificant yellowish-white flowers at times.

excellent japanese maple bonsai tree

  • Other types of Bonsai Trees – Not Japanese Maple

Other Bonsai trees include the Vietnamese Bonsais, Korean Bonsais and the Garden Bonsais. However these are not related to the Japanese Maple Bonsai.

The Money Bonsai Tree, which originates from South Africa also known, as the Good Luck Tree is another type of Bonsai.  These are large trees, which need the outdoors as they need full sun. These bonsais grow very rapidly and need regular pruning.

Where do you buy Bonsai Trees?

autum- inspired japanese maple bonsai

Bonsai trees can be found in good nurseries.  In addition, there are many websites that sell them. Some websites sell Japanese Maple Bonsai Seeds or seedlings. Having scored the Internet, the price range from $59.00 to $295.00 depending on the size and age of the tree.  Japanese Maple Bonsai for sale seeds are a lot cheaper around the $3.00 – $5.00. Therefore, Japanese Maple Trees are not cheap and  you would probably need several to make it look presentable. One Japanese Bonsai Tree on its own does not have a pretty effect.