Playground safety is something that is taken seriously. As times have changed, people have become more defensive of their little ones and for good reason. If you’re a parent, you know that your love knows no bounds for your children. You want them safe and happy especially at their favorite spot: the playground.

So how can you be certain the playground is safe? One item which offers parents peace of mind is the program in place for certified playground safety inspectors. They are educated and trained to identify and rank hazards on playgrounds and playground equipment based on injury potential. They are also educated on matters of addressing the hazards and removing them so children may enjoy a safe play environment.

plaground safety tips and checklist

Playground safety tips

You love your child and you want only the best for them. You want them to enjoy their fun time at the playground and for them to play safely. You can be a proactive parent by keeping an eye on their surroundings and watching other children as well.

Here is your playground safety checklist:

  1. Check for hardware that poses danger such as “S” hooks.
  2. Make sure playground structures over 30 inches high have 9 feet of spacing between them.
  3. Check that surfaces around equipment have 12″ of cushion such as rubber matting, playground rubber mulch, sand or wood chips.
  4. Check that the soft surfacing extends from playground equipment out 6 feet in all directions.
  5. Look for loose rocks or stumps which could pose tripping issues for kids.
  6. Watch for ropes and strings that could strangle children and have it removed.
  7. Assign a supervising adult to keep watch over the playground when in use.

Playground falls account for most of the children injuries. Before allowing your child to play at a playground, walk the grounds to make sure they have sufficient and soft surfacing in case of a fall. Also, inspect the area to make sure it is free of debris which may be harmful to your child and other children.

setting a safety and enjoyable playground

What to consider when bringing kids to the playground

When bringing the kids to the playground there are a few key general items to keep in mind. It’s not all about having fun and running around; it’s about ensuring the playground safety and general comfort of the kids. The following are a few key items to consider when you’re heading to the playground.

  • sun block
  • bottled water
  • consider the age of your child and their preparedness to play around potentially older children
  • identify where public restrooms are before play
  • spare change of clothes should be brought along
  • a first aid kit should be brought or at least keep one in your vehicle, stroller, backpack, etc.

With a little bit of preparation, you can achieve a whole lot. Your children deserve the very best in care and playground safety. Be diligent by inspecting the playground before allowing your child to play. Feel free to show your child where the potential problem areas exist. This way they know to keep away from broken, damaged or otherwise compromised and unsuitable playground equipment and surrounding areas.