Since 1985, the world renowned fashion house Calvin Klein has continued to dazzle through its Obsession perfume fragrance. As a leader in creativity, the design house revolutionized the whole industry. It is no surprise that almost two decades later, the fragrance still remains one of the essential items in every woman’s closet. If you are a fashion enthusiast, you will concur that over the last two decades myriad perfumes have hit the market but surprisingly, most of them are no longer on the shelves. The question that begs an answer is why Obsession perfume is so dominant and what makes it special.

be obsessed with obsession perfume for women

Essence Of Obsession Perfume

The success of any fragrance especially for women lies in the construction which begets the exquisite scent. For Obsession, the appealing construction blending notes of citrus, Bergamot, and other greens gives a lasting, refreshing scent that is intensely feminine. It is no wonder that during its launch, Calvin Klein the mercurial designer indicated that it was direct, sensuous, and provocative; a representation of the designer’s feeling about women.

The nose behind Obsession perfume was Jean Guichard; another creativity buff inter-played the top notes with middle notes of oriental spices, coriander, Orange blossom, jasmine, and oakmoss. The base notes include vanilla, incense, and amber among others. This construction gave birth to this perfume lover’s dream in a bottle.

Why Obsession Perfume Stands Out

There is no denying that the contemporary perfume industry is almost saturated. In such a situation, you might wonder why Obsession perfume for women like Happy perfume stands out.

  • One of the reasons is of course longevity. Most customers attest to the fact that one application is enough for you to wear the whole day. This makes it cost-effective.
  • In addition, it has a distinct, sensual and glamorous scent which always draws compliments and makes you more self-assured everyday.
  • The dominant notes revolving around fruits, woods and Orientals, gives a dated but still incredible spicy scent which is the prayer of every woman. Amber and vanilla which appear in the dry down are not only warm and cozy but also delicious which will leave strangers turning every time you pass-by.
  • The versatility of the perfume in terms of usage also makes it an ideal addition to your closet. It is one of those rare unforgettable scents that can be worn anywhere and at anytime. In fact, you can comfortably wear it 7 days in a week. Additionally, it is a perfect gift for your girl friends especially if you select the magnificent Obsession perfume gift sets.

original obsession night by calvin klein

At this point, you might be wondering where to get cheap Obsession perfume. With the advent of online shopping, you have the option of searching online for a reputable store. Always go for an established supplier to avoid falling for fakes which have flooded the market. Moreover, check the company’s shipping policy, and ask for discounts and bargains available if you want to grab cheap Obsession perfume. When it comes to perfumes, Calvin Klein clearly outdid himself with Obsession perfume. Like one customer said, this is the elixir of oriental fragrances.