Metal cutting band saw, as the name suggests, is used in cutting through a range of metals. It is made of bendable steel with sharp teeth on one or both sides. It uses silicon carbide, or diamond or any other hard material to cut through metals. A heavy metal cutting band saw is used to quicken the cutting process while the lighter ones are used in cutting small water pipes.

An Online Solution

For people intending to use metal cutting band saw at home or at private workshops, the best alternative is using the internet to get this equipment. Using the internet to acquire metal cutting band saw blades is very beneficial because it is very convenient. This is because you are able to select from a variety of blades available.

easy and handy metal cutting band saw

One is able to compare prices and also the models are released by different manufacturers. Online shopping also costs less than buying these products from the stores or shops. It is a good practice to go online when in doubt, like looking for a horizontal metal cutting band saw.

Advantages of a Horizontal Band Saw

Horizontal band saw has a variety of uses. It is unique from the vertical counterparts in the sense that it holds a piece of stationary material while the blade moves while cutting. The blades in vertical saws are stationary and require the user to move the material. Horizontal band saw is usually used because they are accurate and they are safer too since the user does not come in direct contact with the cutting blades. Some of the uses and advantages of horizontal metal band saws are:

  • It can be used for various purposes from cutting huge metal bars to cutting small wooden pieces

  • Saves time especially when cutting tough thick metal pipes

  • Can cut through non-metal materials like plastics

  • Safe

  • Affordable

very sharp metal cutting band saw blades

A Portable metal cutting band saw is a hand held tool manipulated by the operator and are used to cut stationary objects such as pipes. The operator usually moves the metal cutting band saw rather than the object being cut. Because of their portability, they save time and the operator simply moves it to where it is needed. Some models are cordless thus making them quite portable. Choosing the right type of blade is very important. The cutting saws are considerably different depending on the manufacturer, make and model though they perform similar functions. They are also limited by the throat’s width and depth which consequently restricts the definite size of the material being cut. Ellis metal cutting band saw is very well known for their twin mitering capability. Other popular models include the Grizzly G0555 The Ultimate 14, JET 710115K JWBS-14DX and Milwaukee 6238 Portable Band Saw.