When it comes to refrigerators, there is a plethora of options to choose from. However, stainless steel refrigerator seems to be the most common type and the most popular one these days among consumers. The design is of course the number one reason why it so popular but along with that there are many other factors that govern its popularity.

But just like everything else out on the market, these refrigerators come complete with advantages and disadvantages. Read on for the pros and cons:

The Pros

  • They are highly attractive. They have a very sleek design that will enhance your kitchen and make it look very elegant. They also modernize the look of your kitchen.

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  • There is a variety of stainless steel refrigerators to choose from such as the counter depth stainless steel refrigerator, the French door stainless steel refrigerator and the basic fridge/freezer unit. You can make your purchase according to your preference and your budget.

The Cons

  • It is very easy to leave finger prints on stainless steel units and that comes as a big disadvantage. You need to keep wiping them clean in order for them to look neat. It takes a lot of time to clean them too and they are pretty high maintenance. It is important for you to first learn how to clean stainless steel refrigerator so that you keep it spotless at all times.

  • These refrigerators are expensive. The expenses vary with the models but on generalized terms, they do cost more than the other types of refrigerators.

Cleaning your stainless steel refrigerator

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As aforementioned, you have to be careful about cleaning and maintaining your stainless steel refrigerator. Here are useful tips for you:

  • Do not use cleansing solutions and abrasive tools because they are very harsh and can spoil the sheen of your refrigerator. You should stay away from steel wool too because it will leave scratch marks which are impossible to get rid of.

  • Use only soap and water to clean your fridge. The cloth you use must be clean and soft. Make sure you do this carefully, leaving no water marks behind.

  • To remove finger prints, you may use baby oil. A glass cleaning agent is also fine.

  • Vinegar is also an excellent option to clean your stainless steel refrigerator. It takes care of grease, dust and dirt easily and it also adds shine to your stainless steel finishing.

If you want to know more about the unit, you should go through stainless steel refrigerator reviews of popular brands to decide the best. Going for energy efficient refrigerators is the always the best choice.