Are you having problems on when and how to apply nail polish? Although trying to find the time to paint your nails is sometimes difficult, knowing thedos and don’ts when applying nail polish can help you to have the best looking manicure you can. Knowing how to properly handle the nail polish and take care of your nails can avoid you making any mistakes that will either harm your nails or diminish the lasting effects of your nail color.

efficient nail polish application

General Rules When Applying Nail Polish

The following are rules when applying nail polish.

  • Taking care of the polishyou buy is the first step in knowing how to properly apply your nail polish.
  • You should always store your nail products in a cool and dry place. Read all of the guidelines for storing them plus any directions for use which are mentioned with each product. Extreme temperatures can cause the nail products to chip, so avoid putting your nail polish in warm places.
  • You should not use any polish thinners because these can make your nails appear dull and degrade the quality of the nail polish.
  • When you are ready to apply your nail polish, you should never shake the bottle because this will cause air bubbles to form in the polish. Instead, rolling the bottle of nailpolish or turning it upside down for around three minutes will help the color to blend together well.
  • When applying the polish, use two to three broad strokes to completely cover the nail.
  • Avoid over applyingthe polish as it will take longer to dry.
  • Don’t stick your hands in front of a blowing fan, wave your hands back and forth or put your hands under cold running water. You should instead wait for your nail polish to air dry naturally.

Color Recommendations

The other things you should know about the dos and don’ts when applying nail polish is the sort of colors that will look good with your skin tone. When it comes to nude colors, here are the things you need to know.

  • Avoid pale and fleshy colors if you have pale skin.
  • You may wear stronger shades when you have darker skin, with or without white pigments.

Also, when it comes to candy colors, the following are the shades that will contrast with your skin tone.

  • Stay away fromlight tones of candy colored polishes if you have pale skin.
  • With a darker skin tone, you should be wearing the lighter colors.

Salmon pink and similar colors shouldn’t be used by anyone as they will drain away your color.

proper applying of nail polish

With toffee and coffee nude colors, you need to choose very carefully. They will often look good on any skin tone, but you should still choose a color that will match your skin tone, otherwise you can end up looking overdone. Glittery and shimmery colors like chrome nail polish are quite popular and they are the best choice when you are looking for a glamorous look. They are also the best polishes for your beach look and when you have tanned skin. However, remember that too much glitter can be very hard to remove.

With sufficient knowledge, the dos and don’ts when applying nail polish will help keep your nails healthy and your nail polishes in their best conditions. Plus, your manicure will look its best and last longer when you know how to properly care for and apply your polish.