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The Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Jewelry | Content Injection

regardless of how it matches (or, otherwise) with your overall look. There are also certain rules and guidelines when it comes to wearing them. A lot of women are unaware of this and simply go about committing fashion boo-boos that range from awkward to horrible. If you are one of those women who love wearing jewelries but are unsure of the how to’s of wearing them, you can read in this article the simple do’s and don’ts in wearing jewelry.

These rules are to teach you on how to pair your jewelries with each other and how to pair them properly with your outfits.

The Do’s:

the following do's and don'ts in wearing jewelry

  • Do mix and match. You have to pair your jewelry properly to your clothes. Of course, you can mix your big rings with your long necklace but keep the balance maybe by wearing cropped shorts and tucked tight tops (to balance the length. It will not do well when you will wear loose pants or baggy top upper clothes. You can mix your bangles but there are certain rules on matching them. Be sure that you balance your clothes with your jewelries and at the same time balance each accessory you wear.

  • Do keep the diamonds always clean. The diamonds can easily lose their sparkles very quickly. But cleaning them shouldn’t be difficult. There are many ways in which you can clean them. You can use a product to retain again the shine and sparkle of the diamond jewelry.

  • Do try chandelier earrings. They are very nice for women who have long hair. But when you do, keep the necklace simple or ditch it completely. You don’t want your face and head to look overstuffed with large earrings and large necklaces.

  • Do wear a long necklace if you are have a short neck. The length of the necklace gives an illusion of length on your neck.

  • When you wear your pearls, wear them in sets. Do not pair your pearl earrings with your ruby necklace. That’s Jewelry 101 know-how.

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The Don’ts

  • Don’t make too much investment. Yes, it is nice when you can wear trendy jewelry when it is the latest. But it does not mean you have to spend all your hard-earned money just to get the look. The trending of jewelry changes every year. What is popular today may not be on the future, so at least you have invested on affordable jewelries. Should you invest in jewelry, invest in authentic ones – real gold or silver and real studs. The value does not depreciate overtime.

  • Do not overdo matching the jewelries. It does not mean that when you wear black blouse and pants you have to also wear black jewelry. If you can wear other colors such as orange or blue, you can give highlight to your outfit. Make the plain outfit shine.

  • Do not throw away your old jewelry, especially if it contains a classic design. They will look well if you are gunning for the vintage look.