Coffee is of many different types and what you like depends on your taste and your preference. Many people don’t really realize the difference between brewed vs espresso and consider both of them as the same. However, there are a lot of differences between the two. There is a reason why you can only drink a shot of espresso while you can drink a whole mug of brewed coffee. There is also a reason why there are separate coffee makers for each in the market. Here are some of the major differences that set brewed vs espresso apart.

best differences between brewed and espresso

Espresso Coffee

  • Espresso coffee takes shorter time to be made when compared to brewed coffee. It requires 15 lb of atmospheric pressure, which is set in espresso machines. This is the pressure with which the water reaches the beans and is forced through them.
  • The water used here is just nearly boiling and not completely boiling. This is also an important factor. The coffee beans must be ground very finely. They should be extremely fine, almost like powdered sugar.
  • The speed of coffee brewing in this case depends on the fineness of the beans. Usually it takes about 25 seconds to get a tasty shot of espresso. That means, the beans and the water stay in contact only for 25 seconds.
  • The final result that comes out of the espresso machine is a thick, heavily brown colored liquid along with cream on top.
  • The beans are roasted and seemingly oily. Espresso coffee is actually a mixture of various types of beans taken from various countries.
  • The taste of espresso can vary depending upon the packaging of ground beans in the machine, the pressure of the water supplied, and the temperature at which the water is forced through the beans and how fine the beans are.
  • The water used for brewing coffee should be boiling. This boiling water is poured over the ground beans.

big differences on brewed and espresso coffee

Brewed Coffee

  • As aforementioned, the fineness of the beans varies. The ground beans here are coarser when compared to the beans used for espresso. Thus another major difference between brewed vs espresso.
  • The brewing time is much longer in this case because the hot water stays in contact with the beans for a longer period of time.
  • Brewed coffee surprisingly contains more caffeine when compared to a shot of espresso.

The biggest difference lies in the grinding of the beans and the time of brewing. These two factors are very important while penning about brewed vs espresso coffee. No matter what you prefer between brewed vs espresso, there is the Keurig Platinum Brewing System to make the best coffee that you have ever tasted!