Massage chairs are so named due to its intended purpose. A typical manual massage is normally done while lying down and with the assistance of a human massager who is doing the actual procedure for your benefit. This is where a massage chair has several advantages over. With a massage chair, everything is done by a mechanical chair plugged in a wall socket. The best massage chairs usually have pre-programmed settings for different kinds of massages. They also have different kinds of features which add comfort to the user.

For this article we will be tackling the popular types of massage chairs available based on best massage chair reviews posted online. Most of the products that will be discussed are considered the best rated massage chair according to the consumers who has purchased their products.

Types of Massage Chairs

  • Based on consumer reviews, the best portable massage chair is Master Massage Bedford. It comes with a sturdy carrying case and a 6-way adjustable face cradle. The massage chair comes with a two year warranty. This is a chair that is essential to have in every home to make time for relaxation a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

best type of massage chair

  • Professional Adjustable Portable Massage Chair – This type of chair is able to work with a weight range of 300 to 1,000 pounds. It also comes with a session pouch that you can use to store all your jewelries and eyeglasses while having the massage.

  • Panasonic Sofa Style Massage chairs are a bigger type of massage chair that focuses more on the design and aesthetic factor of the chair. It has been designed to fit most types of room décor. It is considered the best massage chair in its class.

  • Human Touch Massage Chair brand has also been rated as a smooth and relaxing massage chair without burning a deep hole in your pocket. Customers got impressed with the comforts it brings as compared to its relatively low price.

When you want to find out more about the best massage chairs, you can visit sites with information on the best rated massage chairs. Listed below are the popular brands that have come up in best massage chair reviews online. 

Popular Massage Chairs

  • Sanyo brand

  • Inada brand

  • Osaki brand

  • Forever Rest Premium Massage

best reliable massage chair reviews

Popular Portable Massage Chairs

  • StrongLite Ergo Pro

  • HealthMark TravelMark

  • Pisces Dolphine 11

  • Oakworks Portal Pro

  • EarthLite Avila II

It is advisable to buy the massage chair directly from manufacturers or from registered agents. Doing this ensures that you will be getting the best massage chair since they will be providing you with in-house information that you can’t get elsewhere. You can also be sure to get the full warranty and the in-house price without the add-ons applied by resellers.