As most people know, flowers grow from flower seeds. However, probably only a few of them know that these flower seeds are mature or ripened ovules of plants. Inside, a flower seed contains a fertilized plant embryo which has the ability to germinate a new plant. Some plants may produce numerous amounts of seeds while others tend to yield less. Most plants start with seeds, although there are some species that sprout from stem cuttings, bulbs or corms.

annual flower seeds and plants


Flower seeds are classified into different types, based on the plant they produce, production rate and life cycle.

  • Annual Flower SeedsTypically, nursing bedding plants start from annual flower seeds which live for only one growing season. Therefore, plants that grow from these seeds must be grown each year, particularly during spring season. But despite of their limited lifespan, they become a popular choice because of their many varieties and incredible colors. Among the most popular annual plants include pansies, impatiens, zinnias and petunias. The seeds of these plants usually fall during dry and warm climates and may withstand winter and sprout on spring. In this process, the plants are considered self-seeding.
  • Perennial Flower Seeds – Plants that grow from these seeds are known to have longer life cycle because of their ability to grow from the same roots year after year. Most flowers are perennials, which you could plant in your garden if you want them to appear on the same spot every year. Some of the most commonly used perennial seeds at present include passion flower seeds, lavender seeds, coneflower seeds and wild flower seeds.
  • Biennial Flower SeedsGenerally, these flower seeds bloom during the second season and then die afterwards. When this happens, they grow leaves and root system during the first year and then blossom when the early spring of the second year comes. Some of the best-selling biennial seeds include hollyhock, sweet William, fox glove and ranunculus bulbs, which are considered self-seeders and have the ability to ensure the development of new flowers.

biennial sow flower seeds

Where to Buy Flower Seeds

Especially during winter season, flower seeds are sold almost anywhere. One of the best places to start is at plant nurseries, which usually have a wide variety of choices on seeds and may offer bulk flower seeds in discounted price. Major seed companies, online stores and gardening societies are great sources as well. All you need to do is locate them through a little research. Choosing and buying flower seeds for your garden is easy, you just need to keep the information above in mind. And remember in order to get the best results, choose only the freshest seeds you can find.