Nowadays, more and more people are hitting the dance floor with utmost drive and determination, and they are doing it for the sake of their health. Whether it is at home, at the gym, or at a dance studio, more individuals are realizing that performing the different types of dance workouts is a good way to lose weight.

Aside from cutting off on your waistline, dancing offers a great deal of benefits. From reducing your stress to preventing you from certain serious illnesses, reports and researches have proven them all.

Types Of Dance Workouts
Below are some of the popular types of dance workouts today, along with the health benefits they provide.

  • Belly Dancing
    In the past, women are doing the belly dance as a part of the fertility ritual in Mid-Eastern countries. Later did they realize that it is also a good exercise for toning their abs and hips. Among the benefits of belly dancing are:

    • Maintains your flexibility
    • Improves your muscle tone and posture
    • Helps in losing weight
    • Reduces your stress
    • Helps prepare women for child birth
  • Cardio Striptease
    This is one of the types of dance workouts that combined certain movements from burlesque dancing, gymnastics, and yoga using a slow routine in an undulating manner. Cardio striptease helps in toning your abs, butt, hips, thigh, and calves while bringing out your sensual side.

flexible body cardio striptease dancer

  • Masala Bhangra
    Based on the traditional folk dance of India, this cardio workout is infused with hip hop bhangra drums and music. Masangla Bhangra is good for toning your shoulders and arms.
  • Dance Dance Revolution
    First started as a videogame, this dance workout has become very popular with kids and even adults. Using the dance pad that comes with the game, you have to follow and step on the corresponding arrow that appears to your screen. As the game continues, the beats go faster. Thus, you will have the same benefit that high-impact aerobics give. It also has a feature that allows you to count the calories you have burned.
  • Cardio Salsa
    Through the combination of movements from aerobics and classic Latin dance, this high-intensity workout is beneficial to your rear and core muscles.
  • Vegas Jazz
    This jazz workout is done while keeping a very straight posture. It works on your back, butt, and legs and also help you maintain the right posture.
  • Capoeira
    First used by Brazilian slaves, this form of martial arts was disguised as a dance. One of the most challenging types of dance workouts, this exercise involves spinning, kicking, and cartwheels which are good for firmer quadriceps, butt, and hamstrings.
  • Dance Trance
    With the combination of movements from funk, jazz, Latin, and hip hop, this dance routine is an effective way to tone all parts of the body.
  • Jazzercise
    Original dance fitness as it is, this workout provides an overall body conditioning by mixing jazz moves with popular music beats.

keep a healthy body with jazzercise

With all of the advantages dance workouts provide to our body, you can truly say that they really are worth trying. But before you participate in dance workout class, be sure to grab your very own dance belt. Exclusively designed for male dancers, this belt is sure to give you maximum athletic support on your genital area.