You can find different kinds of pajamas worn by adult men, women and children. It is now very common to see each person having more than one pair of them with various styles and different types of pajamas. Pajamas can also be a good gift for a special person that collects sleep wear.

Different Types of Pajamas for Men and Women

The pajamas slightly differ for men and women or as well as with children. For children, they are more practical and comfortable in design. They add warmth during cold and winter nights to keep the children sleeping cozily. If you are not familiar with the different kinds of pajamas, you can read them enumerated below:

Different Kinds Of Pajamas

different kinds of pajamas

  • The Traditional

These kinds consist of trousers and jackets made of soft fabric. The sleeves have no cuffs while the jackets have their own placket front. They are often called as jammies or pjs. In South Africa and Asia these are called night suits.

  • The Contemporary

These pajamas are from the traditional pajamas but made with different styles and lengths. They are also made from different materials and usually worn by children. These sleepwears have top pullovers or zippers on the front or footed part. Now they are called babydoll pajamas.

  • The Daywear

popular cat cotton pajamas

One of the kinds of pajamas refers to the daywear combination of women that are sleeveless or short-sleeved with lightweight pants. Examples of these kinds are the beach, hostess or capri pajamas.

How To Wash Pajamas

Now you can select what kinds of pajamas you will buy for yourself. Taking good care of your pajama is also important, especially for cotton pajamas. Here are some useful tips in washing pajamas.

  • Cotton’s color can easily wear off. So, the first thing you must do is separate the white from the colored pajamas. Then, wash the cotton pajamas using lukewarm water.
  • If the cotton garment has been pre-shrunk, you can safely put them in the dryer. But if not, there is the chance that it will shrink. If you are not sure if it has been pre-shrunk or not, assume that it hasn’t.
  • Remove the pajamas after drying to avoid wrinkles. In case they got wrinkled, you can always iron it by using steam iron. If you don’t, you can spray the pajamas before you start ironing them.

These steps are just simple ways of washing your pajamas but will help you a lot in maintaining their quality.