To most people, the garage is just a place to leave their car or an area where they accomplish their “dirty” projects. But with the use of various garage cabinets,it can also act as a storage and organizer for a wide variety of important stuff like tools, chemical containers and even spare wheels.

All homeowners would want to see their garage clutter free and orderly. With that being said, here are some of the garage cabinets designs that they can choose from.

baldhead elegant garage cabinet systems

Metal Storage Cabinets

Built from powder coated and welded stainless steel, metal storage cabinets for garage make a great addition to any home. Here are the other features of these cabinets.

  • Most models come with doors that are welded with piano hinges and locks for durability and security of your valuables.
  • At the base, it is affixed with rubber bumpers and casters.
  • On the drawers, ball bearing slides are installed for easier maneuvering.
  • These garage cabinets can be bought on different solid colors such as tan, red and stainless steel.

Resin Garage Cabinets

When mounted into any garage wall, these cabinets provide excellent storage space and neat-looking working area. What is good about these garage cabinets is that they do not only have unique design but are also durable, strong and easy to assemble, without having to use any tools. These cabinets are guaranteed to resist development of rust, peeling, rotting and denting. And with their lockable doors, you won’t have to worry about losing your valuables or your toxic chemicals being reached by your children.

Wood Garage Cabinets

If you want an earthy feel inside your garage, then wood garage cabinets are the best alternative for you. Here are some of the features of wood garage cabinets.

  • First of all, they are inexpensive.
  • Second, they have small footprints that allow you to cover all your garage stuff even with very little space available.
  • These cabinets also feature adjustable legs, which enable easy leveling and extra protection against insects, water damages and rodents.

durable chemical resistant resin garage cabinets

Aluminum Garage Cabinets

These cabinets are built with aluminum for a good reason. Unlike steel and wood, it will not rust and rot. And even though it is made from light material, its storage capacity cannot be understated.

Before purchasing, always take your garage space into account. Don’t forget to check out trusted manufacturers like Closets To Go that offer a wide variety of storage cabinet designs and sizes to fit the dimensions of your garage space and personal taste. Garage cabinets are a good investment, especially if you want a neat, organized, and clutter-free look on that particular area of your home.