A power washer, also known as a pressure washer, refers to a mechanical sprayer that uses water under very high pressure in cleaning and removing loose dirt, mould and grime from surfaces and objects. It is commonly used for cleaning vehicles, buildings and concrete roads among others. Some of power washer parts include;

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  • An electric mortar/ engine – this is the part that is responsible for the driving of the water pump
  • A high pressure hose
  • A trigger gun style switch that turns water on when required and off when not needed

Some washers have parts that allow the adding of detergents to cleaning water for better performance. Power washer reviews are quite important to buyers as they are assisted in determining the best brand of power washers to go for in relation to their performance and functionality. These reviews are not accurate all the time. The results vary from one user to the other which means that the performance may not be feasible to one group of user and perfect to the other.

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Types of Pressure/Power Washers Based on Fuel Used

There are various types of power washers today. These are classified according to their source of power and they include;

  • Electric power washers
  • Diesel pressure washers
  • Petrol pressure washers
  • Gas pressure washers
  • Ultra high pressure washers
  • Hydraulic high pressure washers

Hotsy pressure washer is a high quality power washer that is of industrial grade used only by the qualified and experienced individuals as it is not so easy to operate. This kind of pressure washer comes in different models. The different models may operate using either hot or ordinary tap water.

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Power Washing Techniques

There are several power washing techniques that give different results. These are developed because not all power washing will only remove dirt from the surface.

  • Dry ice blasting – this technique uses dense ice pellets to remove all forms of dirt. This is used for one notable effect – the ice pellet turns into a gaseous substance upon contact or impact and leaves the surface dry instantly.
  • Sand blasting- this technique is used to have some scratching or stripping effect.
  • Soda blasting – this technique has a multi-layer cleaning effect and environmentally friendly.

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Power washers are the best solution for tough dirt or stains that a regular garden hose can’t do the job. They are a very important tool to maintain the cleanliness of a place or an object.