Lacrosse has become a very popular sport nowadays. The rules of the game indicate it is a contact sport therefore, requires safety measures to be taken to ensure that players are protected from injuries. Lacrosse protective gear comes in many forms to protect a player from various injuries and below is a list of common protective gear;

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  • A helmet is important to protect the head of a player from injuries. This is either when they fall down during play or from the ball, which at times travels at great speeds and can be dangerous when it comes into contact with the head.
  • Padding as well are important equipment to have for a player since this is a high contact sport  therefore, shoulders and ribs of a player should be well protected to prevent any injuries.
  • The arms as well need to be protected from injury. This is possible by using arm protection equipment and gloves for the hands.
  • One other important equipment which is used only as men’s lacrosse protective gear is the groin cup. Although this is very much dependent on which league one is playing.
  • There is the mouth guard that protects the player from biting themselves during contact and protects the mouth from injury.

Possible Injuries of the Game

Lacrosse required tremendous amounts of physical exertion, without the proper amount of lacrosse protective gear will put the player at great risk of sustaining several injuries. The most common injuries are indicated below so as to know the importance of the protective gear:

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  • Injuries to wrists and hands happen due to direct blows as this is where trapping against a shaft during blow fractures occur on fingers due to their non-flexibility.
  • While playing lacrosse a player is bound to fall or be in collision with another player from the opponent team and without protection on the shoulders they risk shoulder separations and fractures on clavicle.
  • Ankles, upper leg and knee injuries also occur as no protection is allocated for lower extremities. Although some injuries can be avoided, if one has the right type of lacrosse shoes that will help in the many maneuvers involved in the sport to avoid slippage.

Lacrosse protective gear can be found in many sports stores as well as online. During your purchase you will be provided sufficient amount of information regarding their corresponding functions to make it easy to complete a great set of the lacrosse protective gear.